Saturday, February 28, 2015

F is for February

F is for Friends:
 I made a new friend participating in Viv's valentine swap, I was paired with Jenny at Jenny' Heart.
I don't decorate for Valentines and Jenny was a good sport about trying to do a non valentine, valentine swap, so I wanted to go the extra mile and make her items that I hoped she would really like. I looked through her blog and the perfect idea exposed it's self.  One of her favorite this about February is the snow, it also has a personal meaning for her.


   I started with a vintage book pages paper snowflake garland, a handmade heart snowman ornament using felt and fabric, a tiny snow baby winter snow globe made using a plastic wine flute and Epsom salt snow, crafty bits and pieces, valentine paper, ribbon and stickers and of course chocolate!

  My box from Jenny couldn't of been more me. Of course the chocolate was eaten right away and the box is waiting to be turned into a tiny diorama, the beeswax bear is perfect with my old pooh bear books, the sugar skulls sticker and the love eternal heart will go perfectly with my DoD display and the doily is going to be framed and hung on the wall.

F is for "Family":
 Mr. L had a business trip to Colorado that was in the same town where some dear friends that we haven't  seen in a few years lived. Yes!! off to Colorado we went. The short version - it was 2 days of great weather where we played tourists and 1 1/2 days of snow where we stayed inside, played a card game called frustration and laughed.

 F is for firefighter:

 At school we are doing this phonetic program where each week we work on a different letter. Last week it was the letter F. Our little firecracker who is missing a couple of  her top teeth was trying to make the F sound, she looks at the teacher and says " Me no do it, me have no teef". I love talking to her, she cracks me up!
 The kids glued together firefighters which turned out so cute. I noticed when the firefighters were all lined up drying they looked like they were dancing. It reminded me of an all male review, which I know is so wrong... but a little funny.

Chris =]

Monday, February 2, 2015

not prepared, but it won't stop me

  I hadn't realized how much of  a Cali girl I have become until I started to pack for a trip to Denver to visit our dear friends Susie and Balt.
I have realized I am woefully under prepared:
 - The closest thing to practical winter shoes are a pair of hiking boots and tennis shoes. 
 - I don't own a pair of gloves or a hat or ear muffs or a scarf or leggings/tights.
 - My jeans need washed because they are dusty from sitting on the shelf in my closet. (Gosh, I hope they still fit).
 - My winter coat was last worn in 1993 and still looks brand new because I only wore it for one winter before we moved here. It's retro not out of date!

 I'm pretty sure Susie won't let me freeze and will lend me gloves and a scarf. I'm hoping for a warm front the 4 days I will be there. Either way it's going to be fun,fun,fun!!

Chris =]