Monday, February 2, 2015

not prepared, but it won't stop me

  I hadn't realized how much of  a Cali girl I have become until I started to pack for a trip to Denver to visit our dear friends Susie and Balt.
I have realized I am woefully under prepared:
 - The closest thing to practical winter shoes are a pair of hiking boots and tennis shoes. 
 - I don't own a pair of gloves or a hat or ear muffs or a scarf or leggings/tights.
 - My jeans need washed because they are dusty from sitting on the shelf in my closet. (Gosh, I hope they still fit).
 - My winter coat was last worn in 1993 and still looks brand new because I only wore it for one winter before we moved here. It's retro not out of date!

 I'm pretty sure Susie won't let me freeze and will lend me gloves and a scarf. I'm hoping for a warm front the 4 days I will be there. Either way it's going to be fun,fun,fun!!

Chris =]