Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ornament swap 2014

    I joined Yarnigras annual ornament swap again this year. I have to say that as usual the ladies out did  themselves again! The theme was a tie and ended up Woodland/Traditional Christmas. Of course I forgot to take photos of the ornies I sent, I went the Traditional Christmas theme and made different snowmen.

Thank You Missy for this intricately hand drawn rustic ornie and for the aromatic icicle. I also kept the moss you packaged them in for a future project.

   I scored a double from Val with the adorable toadstool mini wreath (which gives me an idea for a much bigger one) and the cute snowman name tag. Thanks Sweetie!
   Thank You Kerry for the most adorable,sweetest,makesmehappytolookat gnome. I don't know who to Thank for the wreath, but it is great! It's made from loops of green zippers glued onto a mini circle.

  I see a few more gnomes, toadstools and rustic fun in store for next years Christmas tree.

Chris =]

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hello All,
   I know I haven't been around in a while. I hadn't been much in a mood to write. In October after working with the same Teacher for 14 years, I was out of the blue unceremoniously reassigned to a new classroom.  The good points are:
-  It is still in town. I work for the County, the farthest school site is almost 2hrs away.
- I'm still with preschoolers!! I could have been sent to work with emotionally disturbed high school students. Students who are mostly boys and bigger than me. Eek!
- I know the new Teacher I'm working with now.
So now I'm back on a District school campus and all the fun that entails. =]

  I make it through this week and I will have three weeks off for Winter Break, so I will be getting to my backlog of posts.

Chris =]