Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 backyard - part three

Here we have a few guests,

  A pair of Junco's made a nest in the spider plant, look at those sweet eggs. I can't wait for the babies. It's fun to watch the Mommy as she comes back to the nest, she followed the same routine each time.

 I call this snail The Overachiever. It climbed almost to the top of the screen door before coming back down. I think it got tired and decided to camp out in the middle of the door, who can blame her, she had a great view. She worked so hard to get there we were careful not to knock her off, but she was gone by the next day.

 Sitting in the living room the other afternoon I saw this odd shape on the bay window, when I got closer it was this strange almost crab like looking spider. I think I watch/read too much Sci-Fi because my first thought was it's a craider! Run for the Hills!! (after I take a photo)

  I don't think these two "guests" plan on leaving anytime soon. ;]

Chris =]

Sunday, April 20, 2014

backyard 2014 - part two

   Continuing with the backyard tour...  

  This first set is for my friend Sacha ,she is still in Turkey and needs a "green fix". =]

  I do think I need professional help... I spent this afternoon removing the smaller plants from underneath the trees and bushes along the fence because... all the dead debris on the ground was driving me crazy, it was too messy. So all the small plants had to go, I need to easily rake the debris up and get rid of it.
  I'm going with the story that the plants needed to be moved because they were not getting enough sun.

   I noticed that the blocks on one side of the round planter were crooked and wonky.
Phil O'Dendron has decided to bust out of the planter and grow where it chooses! The thing is there is no bottom to the planter so there was no reason for the roots to escape.

  The top two photos are the wisteria that until last month I didn't realize how big it was because most of it had grown into the neighbors lemon tree searching for more sunlight. The vine was 12 feet long by the time I had finished carefully untangling it. At some point I need to figure out what I'm going to do with it, but for now I am enjoying the lovely smell (and so are the bumble bees).
  The bottom two photos are the first (future) cherry and first strawberries. I'm hoping the extra heat will encourage the cherry tree to bloom like mad.

  This was growing in the backyard when we bought the house. It's a sad looking bush, all long, leggy and not much in the leaf department. If it wasn't for the gorgeous Snowball flowers it would have been mulch. I think I need to transplant it to a spot where it will get more sun or just let it get taller than the Camilla bush it's next too.  For the longest time I didn't try to figure out what it was called I just called it the Snowball Bush, which is the common name. =]

   I'm still amazed at how well the climbing rose is doing. The top photo is the one I posted on Day 1, I took it after I had removed all the dead flowers. The second photo with all the flowers and buds I took the very next day!! (I kid you not, cross my heart).

Chris =]

Monday, April 14, 2014

backyard 2014 - part one

  I decided to do one productive thing while on spring break this week so I got out in the backyard and did some much needed gardening.  All this warm weather we had during winter has played havoc with some of my plants.
  I know, I know... waa, waa, waa it wasn't cold enough, poor baby... I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. But it really has ~ look

  Half my apple tree (it is a 2 in 1) all ready has apples while the other half barely has leaf buds. Usually the two types ~ Anna and Fuji grow and bloom at the same time. I might get a couple of the Anna apples if they ripen before the baby birds are big enough to start eating them. Not that I mind the birds, they are fun to watch. 

  I'm going to have grapes about two months early. My miniature chardonnay grape vine is growing like Audrey 2.  I swear I heard "Feed Me!!" last night. The scary part is the roots have busted through the bottom of the large flower pot and are growing into the ground, Eeek! I'm glad my name's not Seymour.

   One plant that has thrived in the warmer weather is my climbing rose. It has been in the ground for 6 years and even though it is in a protected spot it never really "did" much, but in a matter of months it's doubled in size and the amount of flowers is amazing.

Part two to come...

Chris =]

Sunday, April 13, 2014

zombie swap


Want to join a Zombie Swap?? My friend Val is hosting one over at yarnigras swapper spot. Go check it out. I can't wait to get started.

 Chris =]