Saturday, September 27, 2014

what I made for the zombie swap

   Now that my partner has gotten her package I can show you what I made for the Animated Zombie Swap. Once I saw her list it was a no brainer which movie to choose, Frankenweenie!  I down loaded pictures of Sparky and went to work.
    I found directions for making Sparky on a baking site called sprinklebakes. Instead of gum past I used paper clay and styrofoam balls to build him. Since Sparky is all ready a zombie dog I didn't go overboard on the gore but stuck to the original. His body to head ratio is off, other than that I was pleased with how he turned out.
I didn't take photos of the process because I'm sure the way I built him was not the easiest or correct way to do it.
  Did I ever mention my independent, self sufficient need to not follow directions?

  Sparky didn't make the size requirements so I decided to make another small zombie. This was the perfect opportunity to pull out my Zombie Felites book and have a go at one of the patterns. I chose the bunny because one of my partners favorite colors is pink. Other than enlarging the pattern I followed the instructions exactly. (Yeah Me!! ... The second zombie bunny, not so much). While taking this bunny's photo I used a funny carrot I had made one day with left over paper clay as a prop. After the photo shoot I had a light bulb idea and the sign Eat Your Vegetables was born.

  I've really enjoyed the zombie swap because it pushes me into a crafting area that I don't normally go.

Chris =]


  1. cute stuff Chris! Always good to go a little out of the normal zone!
    happy sunday

  2. Cute, cute, cute - the carrot is genius! :)