Sunday, September 21, 2014

happy birthday to me, I got a coraline zombie

 This is the third time I have participated in Val's annual zombie swap over at yarnigras swapper spot.  This year the theme was Animated Zombies. We had to list our favorite zombie movies to give our partner an idea of what type of doll we would like. While I like making zombie dolls I don't really watch zombie movies. I thought about it for a while and this was my list; Coraline, the Nightmare Before Christmas, a really, really, really bad B movie that makes me laugh called Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Little Shop of Horrors, while it's not a zombie movie I thought it still kind of fit the theme. 
 Coincidentally my zombie package arrived the day before my birthday. Yippee! 

 This year I was the lucky recipient of one of Debbie's awesome dolls!!

  Isn't Coraline perfect?! She is polymer clay over a wire armature and being very careful I can play with her. Mr L. smiled and shook his head when he walked by and saw me sitting on the floor posing Coraline for her photo shoot. Her outfit is flawless, right down to the dragonfly hair clip.

   I love anything in miniature and the raincoat is a perfect reproduction. Coraline is enjoying a few day of being center stage before her friends come out to play.

  Debbie sent fun Halloween tuck-ins, eyeball bubble gum, halloween photo album, ghost pez dispenser, handmade card and sweet Hello Kitty socks. The grey socks were too cute to wear so I turned them into halloween stuffies using felt on the back. 

Chris =]


  1. What a cool birthday gift and I love the idea of your husband watching you pose your doll for your photoshoot. Chris often wanders by when I'm doing the same thing. Funny what you do for blogging! Debbie's Halloween goodies are fun. I love what you did with the socks. Brilliant idea!

  2. Lucky duck! - you got a cute Coraline :) And Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a wonderful day!