Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a conversation,an observation and a sacrifice at work

  I haven't written much about work this year, it's not that nothing is happening it's that most of it is only exciting to us. There have been a few thing lately:

The conversation:
  I love when I get a chance to start the unraveling of a stereotype. Yes, I have a TMNT lunch box because I'm cool like that.

   One of our older and almost age level students noticed that this was my lunch box and not one of the other boys.
Him: Ms. Chris, Is that your lunch box?
Me: Yes.
Him: You can't have a Ninja Turtle lunch box!
Me: Why not?
Him: Cause you a girl.
Me: So? Girls can't like Ninja Turtles?
Him: No, just boys.
Me: Well I like Ninja Turtles and Avengers and Batman too. (I would have mentioned Doctor Who, but he doesn't know it.)
At this point the teacher and other aide, who are both ladies tell him what "boy" characters they like.
Him: He doesn't say anything, but I could tell by the look on his face that the little wheels were turning.
I think tomorrow I need to take the batman lunchbox.

The observation:
  In the afternoon class we now have 8 very active boys, Oh My Heavens!!!!!!!! I need to get in better shape, they wear me out. After three hours I'm ready for a nap. I try to look at the afternoon class as forced calisthenics and I am slowly showing signs of more energy and muscle.
  It's been a long time since we have had this many students (boys in particular) who are all ready potty trained ~ well... except for the aiming part and I must say that I've forgotten the "rules of engagement" when dealing with children who stand to pee:

Rule 1 - Do Not stand to the side of the child, stand behind him it protects your shoes. Little boys are like out of control sprinklers.

Rule 2 - If the child is not hitting the target it's better to gently turn him back instead of talking. It has been my experience that if you say something he will jump and hit more than just the toilet seat.

Rule 3 - Remove all unnecessary items from around the toilet, unless you enjoying disinfecting them every day.

Rule 4 -  Under no circumstances allow anyone to sit on the bathroom floor!

The Sacrifice:
  The lengths I'm will to go to, the hardships I'm willing to endure, the sacrifices I make to ensure the kids have the best equipment for their exploration and learning...
   These mini M&M tubes are the perfect size for the kids to play with in the sensory table that is filled monthly with different colored rice and other items that coincides with a theme or color. This month we are doing the ocean, and the rice is blue, and we didn't have a blue tube so when I saw them on sale I HAD to be the bigger person and sacrifice myself for the good of the class.  I know it's heartbreaking... hee hee. =]
Chris =]


  1. Oh, I love your rules of engagement! And if you talk to them, sometimes they turn to talk to you!

  2. I'm smiling at this post. Josie loves Ninja turtles and super heroes and her backpack and lunchbox aren't the least bit feminine. Keep breaking those rules!

    PS. Glad I have two girls. My toilets stay pretty clean.

  3. i love this post....just made me smile! You oughta get some tinkle targets for the boys...or bullseyes....just for fun!

  4. I had to giggle when I read this. Your willingness to sacrifice for the greater good of the children is commendable! :) I do this too. Each day I drink a large unsweetened tea. When I'm done I wash out the cup to add to our stash. We stack them, build towers and sort with them. I get caffeine, it's recycling at it's finest and the kids love this activity. Everyone wins.

  5. Hi Chris-
    It's always so refreshing to read about how much you love your work. I don't think many people can say that. But you always seem so excited and positive about your job. Thank Heavens for people like you, who are so wonderful with children who need extra special care!
    Hope you've been enjoying "early" summer!
    Erica :)

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