Thursday, April 24, 2014

2014 backyard - part three

Here we have a few guests,

  A pair of Junco's made a nest in the spider plant, look at those sweet eggs. I can't wait for the babies. It's fun to watch the Mommy as she comes back to the nest, she followed the same routine each time.

 I call this snail The Overachiever. It climbed almost to the top of the screen door before coming back down. I think it got tired and decided to camp out in the middle of the door, who can blame her, she had a great view. She worked so hard to get there we were careful not to knock her off, but she was gone by the next day.

 Sitting in the living room the other afternoon I saw this odd shape on the bay window, when I got closer it was this strange almost crab like looking spider. I think I watch/read too much Sci-Fi because my first thought was it's a craider! Run for the Hills!! (after I take a photo)

  I don't think these two "guests" plan on leaving anytime soon. ;]

Chris =]


  1. What fun pictures. You'll have to sneak some pictures of the baby birds once they make their appearance. Your fur baby certainly has a cozy bed.

  2. I love the Juncos! Such pretty birds. But I have to tell you, that clown doll is creepy...I don't know how you sleep with it in the house.

    1. I like my vintage clown, he's happy not Chucky.

  3. How exciting! Can't wait to see the baby birds after they hatch. I used to have a stuffed animal dog just like the one your clown is looking at :)

  4. oh I love the nest and birds and snail...the spider I can do without!

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