Sunday, February 23, 2014

pinterest project 3, 4 and 5

Three pinterst projects ended up coming together very nicely on my new entryway wall that I put together this past weekend.

Project 3:

wall art with junk for coats

  I saw this wall over at  funky junk interiors and love the collage effect she has going on. So I thought on it for awhile and this is my mini version.

   I don't have as big a entry wall but I made it work. I went "shopping" through my craft room and work shop (aka: my corner of the garage) for all my fun junk. The folding chair it is hanging from a bracket I screwed into the wall, I knew I wanted it off the floor. After that I just started nailing things up. The best part is the shelf and little drawer, I can change things as the mood strikes me. Leon the moss ball loves his new spot. I'm sure I'll be puttering around with the wall for awhile.

Project 4:
Over at craftiments I found this longitude and latitude art work with free background image. There is a link to a website that gives your address in longitude and latitude coordinates. Yes, I realize that I spelled longitude wrong, the sad thing is the sign has been hanging on the wall for almost 2 years and this is the first time I or any one else has noticed. The frame I got at a local thrift shop and did a brown wash over the existing color.
P.S.  It's also a  great house warming present.

Project 5:

   This project came about after a friend gave me a large garbage bag full of wine corks. While I'm not much of a drinker I do like the graphicness and color variations of the corks. It's super easy to do. 
- On a large sheet of paper draw your letter or print one from a print shop or word program. Cut out the pattern
-  Trace your pattern onto a piece cardboard or a sheet of luan/chipboard. The advantage of using the cardboard is you don't need a scroll/band saw to cut it. Keep in mind the width and length so you don't end up with odd rows of corks. Cut out the letter.  
- Hot glue the corks a row at a time.
- Hot glue a soda tab as a hanger to the back of the letter.
- All done! =]

Of course I made a cork reindeer.

Chris =]


  1. I love your wall of junk. It's really not junk. So many cool pieces all put together. I really like the wine cork initial. Of course, your wine cork reindeer is pretty sweet too.

  2. Absolutely love it! Now I want to make my own...

  3. That L is amazing. It'll take me a year to save up enough corks but I might need to do it!

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