Sunday, February 2, 2014

needful things

You might remember the post about a swap my blogging friend Valerie was hosting called Needful Things. This is my homework for that swap. It wasn't as easy as I thought to come up with 20 things about myself, I don't know if that means I'm shallow or too critical about need vs want.

1. It goes with out saying that I need Mr. L. I can't (and don't want to) imagine my life where he's not in it. I need to talk to Ms. L. at least once a week

2. I need to teach: I know I've said it before but, I LOVE MY JOB!  It doesn't matter that not one of the hundreds of children I've taken care of/taught will remember me (except for Ms. L). I hope in some little way I helped them realize they can do anything they set their minds to or that the little things are a big accomplishment.
  Hey! Maybe that's why I like Mr. Rogers so much. It's not about yelling from the roof tops "Look at what I did!" It's about treating each child as an individual and doing anything in my power to give them a positive beginning to the rest of their lives.

3. I need FB: I never thought I would say that, but FB allows me to keep in touch with my family, friends and to IM Ms.L..

4. I need to garden: It gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I look out the window to our pretty backyard with all the trees and happy birds and know that I did that. I also like getting my hands dirty.

5. I need Zombie Dolls: Valerie said it best, it's the perfect combination of cute and creepy.

6. I need to read: I read a quote that said " In the highest civilization, the book is still the highest delight". I need books with pages and a book mark sticking out of it and not a flat electronic device with no personality.
  To go along with real books I need a weekly visit the local library for new books, I'm lucky there are three different libraries with all those wonderful books.

7. I need tea: Specifically Twinings Decaffeinated Chai Tea or Bigelow's Decaffeinated Constant Comment preferably iced with a pinch of sugar. 

8. I need to pick up things: rocks, interestingly shaped sticks, shells, sea glass, pinecones, drift wood, tree bark and what-not's. When ever we go for a walk/hike I always come home with something, I'm an uncontrollable Magpie. 

9. I need heart shaped rocks: I know it goes with 8 but these rocks are different. I'm amazed at how many times I find a rock in the shape of a heart. There is something happy about that coincidence.

10. I need to clean: I can't stand a dirty house, which is different from a messy house. A messy house just needs to be straightened: items put back from where they came, breakfast dishes popped into the dishwasher. A dirty house needs to be steamed cleaned from ceiling to floor and the refrigerator thrown away. Disinfecting wipes are wonderful! and no nasty sponge.
  Mr. L won't let me watch that TV show about hoarding because afterwards I need to break out the vacuum and bleach the bathrooms. ((shudder))   

11. I need to be creative: Have you ever had that feeling that you HAVE to make something even if  it's just a doodle in your art book? I love to make something from nothing or recreate items into something new.  
 I like to join swaps and push myself to try different things. If I hadn't I would have never realized how fun zombie dolls are.

12. I need cute things: Like this, because I can't crochet (sniff, sniff). I'm a sucker for anything miniature or felted or fuzzy or sculpted or just a little bit funky.

13. I need plaid: Plaid Shorts (and a matching solid color shirt) are my favorite go item. 

14. I need to catch and release: When bugs or lizards get into the house I catch them before the cats do and release them in the garden. Except for black widows, they get squashed and the nest gets destroyed. I also pick up worms off the sidewalk after a rain shower and put them in the flower bed so they don't dry out and die.

15. I need speed: I love to drive fast! My dream is to drive the Top Gear test track with the Stig in the UK.

16. I need photography: I take my camera almost everywhere I go. I've been known to stand in the middle of the street to get "the" shot. I don't even notice the weird looks any more.

17. I need to explore: I love to learn about a different countries by immersing myself into it's culture. The same can be said for exploring the States or local cities. Ms. L is usually my eager accomplice.

18.  I need vintage Christmas: There is something magical about decorating with vintage items. It's not that it reminds me of my childhood (that would be 70's and 80's). I think it has more to do with the fact that such care was taken to keep them around this long.
  I also like decorating my tree with ornaments that mean something to us, whether it be ornaments that have been handed down or the ones Ms. L made in elementary school or ones that remind us of a trip or handmade ones from friends or the one that reminds me of the visit with my sister.

19. I need handmade: I like to give items that are handmade, I hope it shows the recipient that I was thinking about them. Not that I'm adverse to giving a gift card, especially if it's what they want. I like receiving handmade items for the same reason.

20. I need Doctor Who, TARDIS blue, Weeping Angels and Raxacoricofallapatorius.

21. I need to get this posted because I'm a day late...

Chris =]

P.S. If you want to know more look at this


  1. :) Thanks for sharing with us! I'm working on something for you (uh, it's your Christmas present...for 2013...) that I hope will meet one of your needs. But given my procrastination, I can't join the needful things group.

  2. what a terrific list. I have a need to create too....and vintage Christmas stuff and. and. and!

  3. This is a great list! Sharpies, preschool, owls, zombies and reading are all on my list too.