Wednesday, January 15, 2014

pinterest project 1 - papermache animal head box

     Sort of an odd title, I couldn't think of one that wasn't an awkward description... Oh Well!
My first project is one I pinned over a year ago from Aunt Peaches. She made this:
photo: Aunt Peaches
  Awesome right?!  The hardest item for me to find... the mask. I finally found one last spring when we took our class to the Zoo. You should have seen me running into the gift shop at the last minute when I remembered that I wanted an animal mask.
  Instructions for Peaches project can be found HERE. Her directions were easy to understand and follow. Any changes I made were due to using supplies I had on hand.
plastic mask
masking tape
paper bags
an old book
water downed tacky glue - 1 part glue to 1.25 parts water
tin foil
plastic cup and sponge brush

1. Cut the height of the box down using a ruler and exacto knife, then tape the top edges to give it a finished look.
2. Stuff the face with paper bags and the ears and antlers (?) with tin foil. I had to tape the bags to the inside of the mask to keep it all in place then hot glued the mask to the box. 
3. The eyes looked a little spooky without a pupil so I rolled up a small piece of tin foil and taped it to the socket. Tape the nose and mouth openings closed.

4. I didn't have coffee filters, instead I over taped the neck opening and reinforced the back of the ears and antlers by taping them to the inside of the box.
5. Tear the book pages into usable strips then use a plastic cup and a sponge brush for the glue mixture.
** That way you didn't have to deal with cleaning up the glue, just throw the cup and brush away. Easy Peasy!
6. Make sure you put glue on both sides of the paper strips and cover the mask.

7. I needed to add more at the neck so I hot glued strips of tin foil to the area then added another layer of paper. Tin foil works great in the awkward areas because you can mold it. 
8. I didn't use tape to reinforce the edges of the mask (mostly because I forgot), so I added 1 one layer of paper strips horizontality and the other layer vertically.
9. Cover the mask and the back of the ears and antlers with two layers of paper strips.
10. Cover the entire box with larger sheets of the book pages. I glued a page inside each panel of the box because I hate looking at messy edges. 
And voilà!     

 I named her Cora because I kept seeing the name on the strips as I was gluing them to the mask. I chose not to paint her, I like the look of book strips. I might paint the box, but haven't made up my mind yet.
  I decided to store my chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners) in her to keep them from bending. 
My biggest Ah Ha! moment was when I realized that a paper towel tube or 2 toilet paper tubes taped together was the perfect storage device to keep everything organized.  
Chris =] 
P.S. Just in case you were wonder what those antlers/horns on top of the giraffes head are called:
    The horns of a giraffe are known as Ossicones and both sexes have them. Ossicones are formed from an ossified cartilage and are covered in skin. They have a main pair of ossicones but the females' are thin and tufted, whereas the males' are mostly thicker as well as bald on top due to frequent sparring over time. Ossifications on a male's head add weight, which normally heightens with age that enables a bull to deliver ever heavier blows throughout sparring contests.
P.S.S. No giraffes were harmed in this project.



  1. Oh, I like! And thanks for the info on antlers :)

  2. My first thought, on seeing the Aunt Peaches' Cow Box, was, "How on Earth did she keep the cow still to make a cast of its face?!"

    I love your project, and I like that you didn't paint Cora.

  3. wow. i like this pr0ject">Top

  4. Love it!!! I am so thrilled you tried it :) Display it in a special place, okay?

    1. Thanks! She sits on the shelf in my craft room.