Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the bee's knees (an incident at work)

Bee's Knees
Older Slang . (especially in the 1920s) a person or thing that is wonderful, great or marvelous.
   Yesterday at afternoon snack I was sitting next to "K", he is a rambunctious three year old.  I'm sitting there eating my apple and he slides a cracker to me,
K - cacker
Me - Is this for me?
K - pushes it closer and says, To you
Me - Thank You!
K - Welcome 
He takes a bite of his cracker then looks at me to take a bite of mine.  After I take a bite he hold up his cracker waiting for me to hold up mine and then we "clink" crackers.

Today he was eating fruit snacks and again slid one to me with a cheesy little grin. He never shares his fruit snacks. Fruit snacks are the super fancy high end chocolate of the preschool set (of course they are not chocolate, but teeth sticking high fructose non yummy chewy gelatinous blobs).
 I think I'm in, either that or he's up to something...

Chris =]

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

girl scouts in chinatown

I meant to post this weeks ago but you know how it goes. Our trip went better than I expected, we had one little glitch getting into San Fran which was my fault.

   I didn't realize that we were going on St. Patricks Day and we ran into blocked streets. The short version is we went back and forth across the Bay Bridge to get where we needed to be. The girls were excited because they got to see Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge and drive across a San Francisco bridge. They made me laugh. :]

We made it
Portsmouth Square a park and playground on top of a parking garage.

Blooming Pink Magnolia in Portsmouth Square. It smelled heavenly.

Male Chinese Guardian Lion

"My girls"

Grant Street

Dragon Lantern at the beginning of Grant Street

Ross Alley - the oldest alley in Chinatown. 

The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory.

   Did you know that fortune cookies are NOT from China. They are a western invention started in the early 1900's, depending on who you listen to fortune cookies were invented by Japanese immigrant Makoto Hagiwara or Canton immigrant  David Jung. Fortune cookies didn't get to China until the 1990's!

Chinese Dancing Dragon Head

Traditional family dinner. We had 18 people at this huge table with a lazy susan I could have laid across. The food was delish!

The End

Chris =]

Friday, April 5, 2013

sock monsters

Back in 2010 I was 2 weeks into a no unnecessary moving around 6 week recovery and I was bored out of my mind! I remembered that I had bought MsL a book called Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy.
   I figured my hand sewing skills were adequate enough to attempt this so away I went. I enjoyed the whole process so much, the (all most too) forgivable nature of the materiel, the expectation of what will it look like, the "free-ness" of not worrying about following a pattern or specific procedure,but still able to create something that looks like what you started out to make. Sometimes they don't turn out like I wanted and other times they look so much better than I could have ever thought. The pink snail is one of my best monsters, it is all my design and creation.

    I sew the mouths the same way every time but they always turn out different and that is when their personalities emerged. Each monster gets it's own uncommon name like Gumpert (a car), Bosco (chocolate mix), Monte, Edith (clothes designer), and Mortimer (Cary Grant character) or fun names like Paperwait, Noel, Lulu and Lolo, Chiquita and Frankenbaby. I find names in books, from TV and movies or from Mr & Ms L. I keep a list in my notebook so when I need a name I can find it.
   Most of my monsters have been given to friends and family. I recently found this organization called the toy society,  A world wide collecitve of toymakers - of varying skill levels - who make toys and leave them in unsuspecting places as gifts for perfect strangers. I like the idea of maybe making someones day a little happier and reducing the huge collection of socks that I have acquired. (Love me some funky socks)
Chris =]

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more spring time swaps

I'm a little behind on my swap posting - oh well...
   I participated in a spring swap over at Debby's, it was a send five get five different back, we were to make something small and light for a banner. I wasn't super thrilled with what I made, I wanted to come up with something different but couldn't get my mojo going. I should have just done it the way I wanted and the heck with the weight. 

   The other swap I participated in over at It's a Very Cherry World, was Anything Goes Easter Swap. I was paired up with Hope from pixie's ponderings. She is a Texas native living in England, which I think is adventurous and daring. I made her a birdhouse covered in a map of Texas with yellow roses. The only problem I had was the quote... I couldn't stop singing it and clapping.=]
   I'd like to show you the five swaps I got from Debby's, but I can't...a certain 4 footed visitor decided to take a midnight stroll across my craft desk and "played" with them.  rotten.snotface.fuzzybutt  

   Hope sent me the sweet pink peat pot basket and two fuzzy bunnies. You can't really see the basket has a matching ruffled liner. The white felt bunny and fuzzy chick are what Debby made and the cat did not get.