Saturday, March 23, 2013

521 lake street easter swap and a new blog friend

   I participated in Sandy's Easter swap and she matched me up with Linda at lutka and co. . We have so many things in common that Linda could be my crafting twin! The first thing I see when I go to her blog is a post about how she collects retro (Dickson and Ardco) paper mache angel figures, other than myself she is the first one I've seen who does. We both have the same gold angel figure.
I had so much fun being her swap partner.

   My box was filled with so many great goodies! Linda sent my a pair of her handmade bead earrings - not in pink ;), spring colored vintage linens, an Easter hand towel that MrL is under orders not to use so it doesn't get dirty, a bunny banner that is perfect for the mantel,the See's Easter candy didn't last long enough to get in the photo. I was so touched that she sent temporary tattoos for the little munchkins at school.
   That was just the beginning... A German Nestler egg, I love the image of the bunny sleeping under the cottonwood tree and a happy moon after a long day hiding eggs. Linda told me when she went thrifting she kept seeing angels, so now I have two more paper mache ones. It's funny because when I went thrifting I was looking for paper mache angels to send to her, but alas I didn't find any.
    All that and I haven't even gotten to the spoolie yet! Doesn't it make you think of spring and all types of happy thing?  I smile every time I look at it. And if that wasn't enough I got two spoolies!! Want to see the best Easter spoolie ever?!

   If your not into geeky British science fiction TV then you won't know what Dr Who is, but luckily for me Linda's daughter does and convinced her to make a Dr Who Easter spoolie. When I saw this I was laughing and jumping around the kitchen in excitement. I love that Linda thought outside of the box and came up with a non-traditional spoolie. FYI-The chicks are wearing their helmets to prevent mind control.
Chris =]

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

easter bunny container

How do you turn this
 Into this ?

It's super simple!

I found the bunny containers three to a package at a dollar store.
- One coat of Kilz primer, I use kilz on almost everything.
- Two coats of acrylic paint, all you are doing is coloring in the lines.  
- To get the highs and lows of the bunny to stand out make a wash of brown paint and water, brush the wash liberally over the bunny working a section at a time then using a slightly damp paper towel gently blot off the excess brown paint. Repeating until you got the look you want. 
- With a liner brush fill in the eyes and mouth with the brown. Make a wash with the light pink and water for the inside of the ears.
- Seal with a clear spray paint, I used glossy.
-  One one bunny I used the brown for the nose and on the other bunny I used the pink wash.

  The ladies in my Cropaholic's Group thought the bunny was ceramic until I popped it's head off! and my swap partner thought it was a vintage candy container. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Chris =]

Friday, March 15, 2013

off for the weekend

I'm off to San Francisco and Monterey for the weekend with 12 Girl Scouts! If you don't hear from me by Monday send help!!

Have A Wonderful Weekend.

Chris =]

Sunday, March 3, 2013

softball season

  Even though it has been 5 years since MsL. went to college it hits me anew at the beginning of softball season that she has moved on to a new phase of her life and is not our little girl any more.
  We were a softball family. When she was little Mr.L was an assistant coach and I was the team mom.  Once we signed her up for the new season out came the bucket of balls our gloves and fun times in the backyard and at the games.
  She started in Kindergarten and use to run on her tip-toes down the first base line earning her the nickname "twinkle toes" Little. That first year she spent more time playing in the dirt than being the short stop. She was so cute!
  MsL. played softball through her Junior year of High School. She played left field and could throw down to home plate like nobodies business. One of her coaches nicknamed her "Hollywood" because she always had her sunglasses on. Her favorite quote: If softball was easy it would be called baseball!
  I miss those times...
Chris =]