Sunday, December 15, 2013

a short conversation and an incident at work

  The conversation:

  I was sitting next to him at the table during snack time. (I love having a job where I get paid to have a snack).
I open my little plastic container that is filled with carrots, baby tomatoes and green beans.

Him: He looks at my container then at me and says " Why did your Mom make you have that?"

Me: "My Mom didn't make my snack I did, I like to eat vegetables."

Him: with a unconvinced look on his face "Really?!"

Me: "Yeah!" "Do you want one?" already knowing what his answer will be

Him: "No Way!" as he gives me this look like I just offered him a worm to eat.

  The incident was with one of our students who is very good at putting together 48 piece puzzles. He has figured out how to "cheat" and do it faster by turning the puzzle over and dropping it face down in one piece then all he has to do is pick the piece up turn it over and place it back in the puzzle frame without having to pay attention to where it goes.
  Once we figured out what he was doing it was just a matter of paying attention to when he got a puzzle out. I'd reach over and break the pieces apart while telling him "No cheating". The next puzzle he got out he watched what I was doing as he flipped it over in one piece when I reached over he slams his hands on the puzzle, tells me "No!" and starts to mix it up. If the puzzle had to be in pieces HE was going to do it.

Chris =]



  1. so cute! I love little kids. they are so innocent and funny!
    have a great week with your little friends

  2. What fun conversations/observations. I always enjoy hearing of my husband's recess duty adventures at his two elementary schools. Love your blog header too! A sweet little scene. Christmas hugs. Enjoy this upcoming time away.

  3. Miss Chris, can you make my snacks, please? I think I might eat my veggies if someone else sent me off to work with a little snack container of them. You make them sound delicious!