Friday, November 8, 2013

Day of the Dead

   I like the holiday Day of the Dead and not just for the skeletons (even though they are really cool). It's not that I like the religious side of the holiday, but the idea of taking a day to remember Family and Friends who have died. It's not sad and somber but 3 days of celebration and fun decorations.
  I like the idea of honoring, remembering, and celebrating the lives of loved ones that are gone. There is so much love, respect and thoughtfulness put into the celebration. I stole this comment from a friend who posted on my FB, she said it so much better than I did. 
   My figures are on display in my buffet hutch. Next year I need to find a new place because I didn't have enough room for all my skeleton's and photos of my grandparents and father-in-law.   
A collage of all my tiny Day of the Dead items with a mini alter.
Closer look at some of my Calaveras
Chris =]


  1. hmmm! thats one holiday I dont do.. but after seeing your little display, Im thinking.. hmmmm... I love me some skellys.. lol! I LOVE the little skelly garland. did you make that?

  2. Such a cute post! I recognize the skelly garland! It's from "Cart Before The Horse" isn't it? It's so great! And you're right about the sentiment of the day. I may have to consider celebrating this holiday now.
    Erica :)

    1. Yes, Cart Before the Horse is one of my favorite etsy shops.

  3. Celebrating loved ones and decorating...two of my favorite things. Do you have a world market? They had amazing dead of the dead decorations. They are now 75 percent off.