Tuesday, October 1, 2013

potato bug

   The other night Mr. L and I were sitting here quietly enjoying each others company (each on our laptops) when I hear this low screach, screach, screach noise at the front door. I didn't do anything about it until the cat went and sat by the door giving me this 'come on and open it already' look. I wasn't to sure I wanted to because all I could think of was ~ Is this going to turn into a really bad scene from a horror movie?
   I opened the door and this is what I found:

 In Cali this cool, grasshopper, ant, wasp butt, alien, looking critter is nicknamed potato bug, but it's common name is Jerusalem cricket. FYI it's not really a cricket. This "little" insect was making all the noise. Mr. L relocated the uninvited guest to the flower bed where it could be more comfortable digging in the dirt. 
  This is my favorite insect - obviously, why else would I be blogging about it.  I like it's legs the best, they are specifically designed to allow the bug to dig for food.  
  20 minutes later I hear the screach, screach noise again. I look over at the front door and Fat Boy is peering out the side window.
I open the door (again) and it was back! I'm assuming it wasn't too happy about having to trek all the way back after rudely being dumped into the flower bed. I ran for my camera (again) so I could take another photo, this time with a quarter to show how big it is. It decided that since it had shown up twice for a pop in visit and I kept taking photos, it was going to come in!
  I shooed Fat Boy into the kitchen and let our guest admire the terrazzo tile and house plants in the entryway before escorting him into a safe container  (Fat Boy was getting that let me eat it look) and let it take an unguided tour of a different section of the flower bed.


 I named it George...
Chris =]



  1. You were an awfully kind hostess to George. I don't think I would have been nearly as brave.

  2. I've never seen a potato bug before. You are a kind person to give him a name - George is a noble one at that!

  3. You are kinder than I would be with that big of a bug. Yuck.

  4. I love that you name bugs you find because I do TOO!...never seen one before. Neat looking. Our name of choice is Bob....but we use George sometimes too. No wonder we are friends! hahahaha!