Sunday, October 27, 2013

bragging on Ms. L

  Ms. L has worked at the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the last five years, she got a job there her freshman year of college as a volunteer for sleep over events to her first paid job in Guest Services selling tickets to balancing the daily bank deposits to her current job as a Guest Experience Ambassador, giving tours, answering questions and needing to know everything about the aquarium and ~ finger crossed eventually working her way towards the Husbandry side.
  A few months ago she was chosen as a volunteer (going through a interview process equivalent to applying for a paid position) for the Monterey Bay Aquarium - SORAC program, SORAC stands for Sea Otter Research and Conservation. Recently PBS aired a documentary  PBS: Saving Otter501.
For Mr.L and I it was a wonderful way to see what she does because they have very strict guidelines to follow and non-trained personnel are not allowed. I have to say I didn't realize how important otters are to ecosystem along California's Central Coast.

   Right now the aquarium has a baby otter who needs round the clock care and Ms.L is one on the personnel who gets to take care of the baby. I snagged the photos off the net but it is everything that is done for the current infant.
   She made a comment about how much baby otters are jerks (for lack of a better term) because they cry, eat, poop and need constant attention. Oh!! Out of the mouth of babes... But,  I also know she is having the time of her life!
Chris =]

Thursday, October 17, 2013

voodoo pincushion swap

   After the zombie swap was over, Val at Yarnigras Swapper Spot decided to keep the fun going by hosting a Voodoo Doll Pincushion Swap. We didn't do a straight swap, the swap I sent didn't go to the person who sent me a swap.
   This is what my partner little messy miss sent me:

    LMM posted about the Day of the Dead pincushion she made because it's what her swap partner liked. I really hoped it was me she was talking about... and IT WAS!!!!! ((insert happy dance))
   I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw her name on the box. It's a DoD dream come true, especially since I'm not spending money on "unnecessaries". Messy Miss made it possible for me to add three new handmade pieces to my collection, a drawer to add small items to, if I can bear to not show off the sides, a felt sewing kit and the most awesome voodoo pincushion  e.v.e.r. She was so thoughtful, she even sent me a heart shaped rock because she knew I collect them.
This is what I sent my partner Melinda
   My (cute) voodoo doll took on a life of it's own and looks more like a zombie than my zombie did  ~ the fact that it lost half it's body in a horrible measuring accident doesn't help, on the plus side the moss ended up being a great place for pins and needles. I hope Melissa liked 13 pins and a little steampunk. (She did)
Chris =]

Thursday, October 10, 2013

george stopped by

tonight to say...

   He didn't have time to stay, he was on his way to the MPBM (monthly potato bug meeting) just wanted to screach, screach on the window then left. It was a short visit, kind of like this post. 
Chris =]

Thursday, October 3, 2013

spoolie swap

   Sandy and Deb Co-hosted a Fall/Halloween spoolie swap, so I HAD to join. I was paired with Laura from Vintage Bettys. She does some pretty great things with paperclay.
   Laura sent me the sweetest fall spoolie and vintage looking straw pumpkin (awesome!!). It sits in the perfect spot to be admired by all. She also sent chocolate (gone) in the little candy boxes I like to reuse, a pumpkin cookie cutter, camping stickers which went straight into my Girl Scout scrapbook, and other scrapbooking bits and pieces. Fun, fun, fun...
   The first thing I saw when I went to Laura's blog was that she likes Cath Kidston, which has become a new obsession for me since my trip abroad this past summer. I knew what one of her tuck-in's had to be. It was this great, wonderful, personal idea... then I forgot to take a picture of it, but luckily for me she did!
image borrowed from vintage betty's
   First I gently removed pulled the chimney and scallop edging off the chipboard birdhouse. I went on line, did an image search for Cath Kidston fabric and printed a few of the better images. Cut the paper to fit the sides and using tacky glue adhered it to the birdhouse. Each side of the birdhouse has a different pattern. Reattach the chimney and scallop edging and Viola! a Cath Kidston inspired birdhouse. It's not fall but I was hoping she liked it anyway. Oh, I super glued a key ring to the opening to cover the not so pretty papered edge.  
I was playing around with picmonkey
   For Halloween Laura likes cute and cats. Sweet!! I can do cute and cats shouldn't be too hard... well lets just say it's head looked like an owl. So I scrapped,chucked,destroyed the cat (sorry kitty) 
and went with the owl. 
  My original idea was the owl sitting on a big trunk (the spindle set horizontally) and sticks poking out of the openings as small branches,but I just wasn't get a tree feeling until... a giant light bulb went off , DUH! set the spindle vertically and there is a tree. After that the rest was easy.
Chris =]

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

potato bug

   The other night Mr. L and I were sitting here quietly enjoying each others company (each on our laptops) when I hear this low screach, screach, screach noise at the front door. I didn't do anything about it until the cat went and sat by the door giving me this 'come on and open it already' look. I wasn't to sure I wanted to because all I could think of was ~ Is this going to turn into a really bad scene from a horror movie?
   I opened the door and this is what I found:

 In Cali this cool, grasshopper, ant, wasp butt, alien, looking critter is nicknamed potato bug, but it's common name is Jerusalem cricket. FYI it's not really a cricket. This "little" insect was making all the noise. Mr. L relocated the uninvited guest to the flower bed where it could be more comfortable digging in the dirt. 
  This is my favorite insect - obviously, why else would I be blogging about it.  I like it's legs the best, they are specifically designed to allow the bug to dig for food.  
  20 minutes later I hear the screach, screach noise again. I look over at the front door and Fat Boy is peering out the side window.
I open the door (again) and it was back! I'm assuming it wasn't too happy about having to trek all the way back after rudely being dumped into the flower bed. I ran for my camera (again) so I could take another photo, this time with a quarter to show how big it is. It decided that since it had shown up twice for a pop in visit and I kept taking photos, it was going to come in!
  I shooed Fat Boy into the kitchen and let our guest admire the terrazzo tile and house plants in the entryway before escorting him into a safe container  (Fat Boy was getting that let me eat it look) and let it take an unguided tour of a different section of the flower bed.


 I named it George...
Chris =]