Thursday, August 29, 2013

feeling happy

How can I not have a good a day when I listen to this on my way to work. Huey Lewis and the News - Heart of Rock and Roll .  By the way I got peed on today...  Uh, heart of rock and roll!
Chris =]
PS Here is another one just for fun :)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

summer crafting and a surprise

I know nothing like waiting until the last minute to post about the swaps I was in this summer... I like participating in swaps - it's a great way to craft and make new blogging friends.

  Way back at the end of May Vivian hosted a patriotic swap. I was paired up with Charlene, she admitted that her blog wasn't up to date so we got to know each other through email. She made me the cute USA spool, my favorite part is the small medallion behind the little girl. She told me that her son is a 5th generation Marine (Oorah!!) and that in her family every branch of the military is/was represented, I knew exactly what I wanted to make her. I did a search for patriotic subway art and found the perfect background. Then it was just a matter of a mini candy box, making the flag out of paper clay and the pole out a wooden skewer topped with a bead. I glued that to astro turf, then made the front of the box look pretty. Easy!

   Erica hosted a Christmas in July craft swap, I was paired up with Erica and Jill. They both were so nice about waiting until I got back from my trip before I mailed off their packages. I was really hoping to find non US tins for them but the prices were outrageous. I did find bits and pieces that I was able to add. Both Erica and Jill sent me wonderful items, but I forgot to take photos of everything before I put it away. In my defense, I was in a reorganizing my craft supplies frenzy and now I can only remember a few things: Jill sent me a couple of vintage tin light reflector covers, a tin icicle ornament and a hankie that use to belong to her mother, I was so touched. Oh! also an angel tree topper. While I liked everything Erica sent me I was most excited about the vintage GS nut tin, she kept just for me. The large Christmas tin from Jill couldn't have come at a better time, it was put into storage service during the reorganizing frenzy of 2013. 
   I love getting surprises in the mail, and that's what happened last week!! Linda, my crafty friend over at Lutka and Co sent me the two adorable retro rebel dolls that she made. She originally meant to keep one of the dolls, but said that the didn't want to be separated so lucky me I get to see them both every day. Yippie!!!  (She said I planted the idea of a green doll in her head). 
   I have some of the most considerate blogging friends.
Chris =]