Monday, July 15, 2013

i'm baacckkkk!!!

   Getting home was a little hard, whatever could go wrong did go wrong. A little perseverance and a sleepover in Phoenix, but we made it!!  I won't bore you with tales and endless photos (between MsL and I we took over 2000) ... okay maybe a couple photos.

  This is the photo where I proudly show how much of a nerd we are. I added three days to our trip so we could spend them in Cardiff, Wales at the Dr. Who Experience. Totally worth it! We even made a friend while standing in line, his name is Martin and he's from Australia.
   Did you know that museums are free in London?! We popped into the British Museum to see the Rosetta Stone along with the Lion of Knidos a 4th Century Greek Statute and an Easter Island Figure to name a few.  MsL and I like going to museums but rarely go, we need to change that.
    Did you also know that Big Ben is the most famous landmark you can't see!? It's not the clock but the bells.

    We couldn't go to London and not visit 221B Baker Street. Everyone there was dressed in period clothes and the rooms look like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described them in his books.
   Before we left London we had to go for Afternoon Tea. I found the perfect place, The Park Lounge at The Milestone Hotel across the street from Kesington Gardens. It was everything tea is suppose to be then we were off to see the play Wicked. So much fun.
Chris =]


  1. Welcome back! What fun you had! You'll have to post more pics and share more of your trip with us :)

  2. What a fabulous trip. I'm hope to one day get to the UK. Your pictures are fantastic. I'd love to see more!

    1. It was so fun and everyone was so polite. The hardest part to get use to was looking the correct way before I tried to cross the street! If I had gotten hit it definitely would not have been the fault of the driver. =]

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see more photos.