Monday, July 29, 2013

europe collages 6 to 9

Collage #6 - Here and There in London:

   These are photos from "around town". While we wanted to see all the iconic buildings and places I didn't want to spend our limited amount of time taking individual tours so we did a hop on hop off bus tour, one of the best ways to see everything in a general overview type of way. When we wanted to spend more time it was easy to do. We would get off at a stop, visit the "spot", go back to the bus stop, jump on another bus and continue on our way. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! 
     Our first day in London was all about the first thing we each want to do. Mine was seeing the Palace Guards - I know a little corny, but for me that said I was really in London. When it was MsL's turn she looks at me and says " We've been in the UK for 4 days and I still haven't had fish and chips!" Off we went for lunch. Out of the 4 of us I'm the only one who ordered vegetarian fish and chips (that's exactly how it is listed on the menu). I'm expecting battered fried veggies - not the healthiest but Hey! when in London... I get my meal and it's 4 very large fried cheese balls! The last time I checked cheese was dairy not a vegetable. 
   Collage #7 The British Museum

   Ms.E (my friends daughter) and Ms.L wanted to see the Rosetta Stone, it was created in 196 BC and it was the essential key to modern understanding of Ancient Egyptian literature and civilization. We didn't go through all the galleries, we only had an hour before the museum was closing but we did a quick tour through Ancient Egypt, The Middle East, Ancient Greece and Rome,  Hoa Hakananai'a statue from Easter Island. If you ever go to London be sure to visit the museum, it was amazing.

Collage #8 - Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theater, London

   SB suggested we see the play Wicked, she and Ms.E had seen it in February and had a fun evening. We got there early so we could pop into the bar before it got crowded for a drink. Ms.E really wanted to go, she was a little disappointed because the cauldron behind the bar was suppose to have dry ice in it but I guess someone forgot. No matter... she and I had the same drink called The Yellow Brick Road. These were all the photo's Ms.L and I took, I wanted to get a couple during the performance but between the usher who kept standing near us and Ms.L giving me a hard time about it I put the camera away and enjoyed the play.
Collage #9 - Wicked the play

   First I have to say that I created this collage using production stills that I found on the Apollo Theater website. Going to the play was so much fun. I've read the book and have to say that the play does a good job of following the story line (even if the ending is a little happier). My favorite part is when the main character Elphaba is born, you see the mother in labor then out "pops" a bright green baby! Now I need to find myself a bald baby doll that I can paint.
Chris =]


  1. Fun fun fun! I read the book too but have'nt seen the play yet. Now you're making me want a green baby doll too!

  2. Ah! I'm so jealous! I'm in the wrong country. Okay, sure, I've been there, but I haven't seen Wicked, and I want to go back! Maybe I need to try my hand at collages instead of individual photos. Thanks for sharing your pictures and perspectives.