Tuesday, June 18, 2013

off on an adventure

   I really should be in bed right now but the thought of being on a plane in 10 hours en route to Europe has me a little EXCITED.  MrL is letting me take MsL on a graduation trip to visit my friend in Belgium.

  Europe: a new frontier. This is the voyage of a mother and a daughter. Our three week mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new cultures and a new appreciation for the world around us, to boldly go where we have not gone before.
Yes, we were watching Star Trek when I thought of this.

I know I've used this photo before, but right
now it's the most current one of us I have.
Chris =]

Monday, June 3, 2013

a great week

Did you ever look back at the end of the week and realize it was really good? This past week was one of those weeks for me.

Monday: Mr.L was home because it was a holiday. My parents had left (more on that later once Ms.L gets me the photos) on Saturday so it was nice to still have two days together. Of course I always have a three day weekend since I don't work on Mondays. Yeah! me.

Tuesday: There is only one main street into town so it's usually a little crowded. As I'm driving to work I get caught in "rush hour" traffic, no big deal. I move into the right lane because there is a bus in the left. The three cars in front of me move into the lane behind the bus leaving me in an empty lane!

Wednesday: Our class went on a field trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo. All the children had a parent go with them so I was able to spend a couple of hours with my child.

Thursday: I went thrift shopping looking for vintage Pyrex and material for monsters, clothes are cheaper than buying fabric. I found a hawaiian print shirt, but I don't think I can cut it up - it's too cool!
Friday: It's FrIdAy!! enough said. Just a pretty photo I took at work in the parking lot.
I hope your week is as joyful as mine was.
Chris =]