Wednesday, May 1, 2013

thrift shop/flea market find

  Isn't it amazing how the cost of an item changes based on the location? Take the cute green flower 1.5 qt Pyrex dish with lid that I found at my favorite thrift shop for $2, and the antique/vintage consignment store three blocks away? Anywhere from $10 (no lid) to $14.  As if!...

 I'm not knocking the antique/vintage consignment store, I did find these cute cards there. The rooster birthday card makes me smile, I love how his neck stretches when you open it. 
I found another 1.5qt  Pyrex dish, an owl cup(?) that I'm using as a pencil holder and a cute tea pot that I'm going to put a violet in and give as a thank you gift.
I can't wait for this weekend! It's the first flea market of the season at the Ventura fairgrounds.
Chris =]


  1. I totally agree! DD and I were at an antique store, and I was almost offended at what they were charging for a paper doll book - DD just rolled her eyes and said I was getting too used to thrift shops :)

  2. Have fun at the Fair Grounds I guess we live close to each other I am right in Newbury Park, I have to get to the Ventura Flea Market this season for sure! Hugs, Diane