Thursday, May 9, 2013

spring has sprung at the little ranchero - part 2

  This might sound silly, but until I looked at these photos I didn't realize how many fruit producing plants I had. When I bought the plant it wasn't for the fruit but because I liked the plant itself.
 Dwarf Chardonnay Grape Vine.
I have this is a large pot that sits in the grass at the edge of the patio. Last spring it just exploded! the vines were growing all over the place and it was the first year I got grapes. I wasn't quite sure why it grew so much better that season than the previous two until I tried to move the pot. The roots had busted through the bottom of the pot and were growing into the ground. My grape vine had "Seymored" itself. (I know it's name was AudreyII - I like Seymore better)
One of the first things we did when we bought our house was plant an apple tree. It's a Fuji (my favorite) with an Anna grafted to it. The birds really like it!

Okay, I did plant these for the fruit. Strawberries are grown around here in abundance and are so big, red and delicious! I know it's really spring when the strawberry guy opens up.
Our second tree was a Mulberry. I remember growing up that one of the houses we lived in had a huge Mulberry Tree in the front yard. I'm really hoping this doesn't get that big or it will cover the solar panels. I planted the tree before we got the panels

Dwarf Cherry Tree.
I have this thing for dwarf and miniature plants

Ladybird Beetles are hatching in my backyard. This is the first time I've seen them do that. It's amazing to watch them metamorphosis from an elongated tick type creature to a pretty Ladybug.
My White Wisteria is in bloom right now and smells heavenly, the Bumblebees agree.
Chris =]


  1. Chris,
    Oh yes, you have spring! I love all of the green!!! And fruit too! Lucky you! Thanks for the ideas on the paper, that makes sense....I am decluttering and organizing my whole house while my husband is gone for the three months, so when I get to my craft room I am going to try your method....and I would like to join that 12x12 Anonymous please....I am hopeless! And to top it off I have just as much or more digital papers and stuff!
    Maya is at the vet now, I am just hoping this is the last of it for her.....:)

  2. I can't wait to finally get our gardens going. Your pictures are definitely inspirational...especially those strawberries.