Sunday, May 19, 2013

so proud!!

  Yesterday MsL. graduated
from college!
   I don't have photos of the ceremony because she chose to skip all the pomp and circumstance. We are going to spend a few days in Monterey and Big Sur with my parents celebrating the way our recent college graduate wants to.
As parents MrL and I have spent so many years saving, planning, teaching, training to get her to this point and now it has happen. I can't come up with a noun that is grand enough to describe how I am feeling.
   Every time I think about how MsL has grown into a happy, smart, beautiful, energetic young woman with the whole world open to her I get all teary-eyed. (of course I am a little biased, but only a little bit).
I love you sweet pea!! <3
always your Mommy
Chris =]


  1. Congratulations Chris! It feels sooooo good to get them to this point doesnt it? Have fun celebrating!

  2. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Congratulations to you, Mr. L, and, Ms. L.!!! I totally understand how you feel. You are not biased, and you should revel in your pride and happiness - job well done! Give yourself an "Attaboy", in fact you can give one to Mr. L. too :). Our older son skipped the pomp and circumstance too - he opted to take off for Europe instead (can't blame him). Besides, I still have two younger ones that I can twist their arms so they will go through their ceremonies :) Congratulations again!!!

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  4. Congratulations to your beautiful daughter, Chris. I can't even imagine that day yet...but it goes by so fast doesn't it!!

  5. Such a darling picture!!! I love the way the kids announce their graduation now a days....a fun photo with all the important info!! All of mine have graduated and it is quite an accomplishment... for both the kids and the parents!