Friday, April 5, 2013

sock monsters

Back in 2010 I was 2 weeks into a no unnecessary moving around 6 week recovery and I was bored out of my mind! I remembered that I had bought MsL a book called Stupid Sock Creatures by John Murphy.
   I figured my hand sewing skills were adequate enough to attempt this so away I went. I enjoyed the whole process so much, the (all most too) forgivable nature of the materiel, the expectation of what will it look like, the "free-ness" of not worrying about following a pattern or specific procedure,but still able to create something that looks like what you started out to make. Sometimes they don't turn out like I wanted and other times they look so much better than I could have ever thought. The pink snail is one of my best monsters, it is all my design and creation.

    I sew the mouths the same way every time but they always turn out different and that is when their personalities emerged. Each monster gets it's own uncommon name like Gumpert (a car), Bosco (chocolate mix), Monte, Edith (clothes designer), and Mortimer (Cary Grant character) or fun names like Paperwait, Noel, Lulu and Lolo, Chiquita and Frankenbaby. I find names in books, from TV and movies or from Mr & Ms L. I keep a list in my notebook so when I need a name I can find it.
   Most of my monsters have been given to friends and family. I recently found this organization called the toy society,  A world wide collecitve of toymakers - of varying skill levels - who make toys and leave them in unsuspecting places as gifts for perfect strangers. I like the idea of maybe making someones day a little happier and reducing the huge collection of socks that I have acquired. (Love me some funky socks)
Chris =]


  1. Oh my gosh Chris! These are adorable!!! My favorites are in the first row, last two on the far right. I'll keep my eyes peeled for funky socks!!!

  2. I have that book, but have never made anything from it. gonna have to give it a go now. Your critters are adorable!


  3. oh man they are cute! Only thing I've made lately is a turtle topiary for the garden. The is actually my FAVORITE.
    "I lurve snailses...."

    1. I can send you more photos if you want to try and make one for yourself.

  4. Hahaha! They are great! I love their crooked eyes, and imagine they all have a bit of your fun personality in them :)

  5. Hey Chris!
    I stumbled on this blog, and thought of you. If you haven't already seen it, I think you will enjoy it :
    Check it out :)

    1. Thanks Linda,
      I haven't seen this blog. It's nice to know that I'm not the only adult who takes her toys out to play. :)