Wednesday, April 3, 2013

more spring time swaps

I'm a little behind on my swap posting - oh well...
   I participated in a spring swap over at Debby's, it was a send five get five different back, we were to make something small and light for a banner. I wasn't super thrilled with what I made, I wanted to come up with something different but couldn't get my mojo going. I should have just done it the way I wanted and the heck with the weight. 

   The other swap I participated in over at It's a Very Cherry World, was Anything Goes Easter Swap. I was paired up with Hope from pixie's ponderings. She is a Texas native living in England, which I think is adventurous and daring. I made her a birdhouse covered in a map of Texas with yellow roses. The only problem I had was the quote... I couldn't stop singing it and clapping.=]
   I'd like to show you the five swaps I got from Debby's, but I can't...a certain 4 footed visitor decided to take a midnight stroll across my craft desk and "played" with them.  rotten.snotface.fuzzybutt  

   Hope sent me the sweet pink peat pot basket and two fuzzy bunnies. You can't really see the basket has a matching ruffled liner. The white felt bunny and fuzzy chick are what Debby made and the cat did not get.