Wednesday, March 20, 2013

easter bunny container

How do you turn this
 Into this ?

It's super simple!

I found the bunny containers three to a package at a dollar store.
- One coat of Kilz primer, I use kilz on almost everything.
- Two coats of acrylic paint, all you are doing is coloring in the lines.  
- To get the highs and lows of the bunny to stand out make a wash of brown paint and water, brush the wash liberally over the bunny working a section at a time then using a slightly damp paper towel gently blot off the excess brown paint. Repeating until you got the look you want. 
- With a liner brush fill in the eyes and mouth with the brown. Make a wash with the light pink and water for the inside of the ears.
- Seal with a clear spray paint, I used glossy.
-  One one bunny I used the brown for the nose and on the other bunny I used the pink wash.

  The ladies in my Cropaholic's Group thought the bunny was ceramic until I popped it's head off! and my swap partner thought it was a vintage candy container. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Chris =]


  1. Very clever!!!!!!...isn't it amazing what you can do with a little primer :)

    1. Thanks! Spray paint is this girls best friend.

  2. Love this Chris ! Hope the trip was a big success xo E

    1. Thank You E! The trip was a blast. As soon as I get the photos loaded I will post. =]

  3. Sneaky Chris! I still like my "vintage" bunny ;-)

    1. I had to come clean, but I'm glad it looks vintage that means I did it right. =]

  4. Hi Chris, Now I know why you have palm trees in your background! My husband says his favorite place to go on his trips next to Aspen, CO, is Santa Barbara. I had to giggle about your windy city as our town of Delaware is also known for it's windy weather. Hang on to those preschoolers! How I would love to visit your part of the country as I was born in Monterey. Oh well, I can visit vicariously through blogging! Have a lovely weekend and joyous Easter. Elizabeth