Saturday, February 9, 2013

baby shower gift diy

   While I like what I made for a recent baby shower I didn't think it was blog worthy, but I was told to post it so okay...
And no, I wouldn't jump off a bridge if someone told me too, I learned my lesson on that.
- chipboard letter
- slate plaque
- scrapbook paper
- dimensional paint
- ribbon
This is so easy you don't need photos.
1. Paint edges of letter, let dry.
2. (a thin layer) Tacky glue the letter to the back of the scrapbook paper making sure your pattern is pointing the right direction.
3. Once dry cut out the letter using exacto knife.
4. I ran a thin line of dimensional paint along the edge of the letter to give it a finished look.
5. Hot glue the finished letter to the slate plaque and embellish to your hearts content.
  I knew what type of card I wanted to make so to save myself some time I did a search for a baby dress template and instructions . A pair of tweezers was essential when it came to placing each of those little pearl beads. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.
Chris =]


  1. I love the little dress and I think this is SO clever! Wish I'd thought of it last year when I hosted my older daughter's baby shower!

  2. Chris,
    Hi! it's Sandy from 521 Lake Street...the spoolie shoulld have a "Spring" feel to it...not necessarily Easter...I will add that on...thanks for asking the question! :)