Friday, February 1, 2013

an original valentine craft (almost)

I thought I had an original idea to show you until I saw this post over at Kim K's. All I can say is great minds think alike. Well... at least it saves me from having to give directions, Sweet!!
The two things I did differently are: 1. Before I glued the top closed I poked two small holes on either side of the box, slid the pipe cleaner in and tied a knot into each end. 2. I hot glued a hand polka dotted crepe paper ruffle to the back of the box to give it that "Mary Englebreit je ne se qua". 
While looking for some inspiration for a valentine swap I joined I came across this vintage hula girl graphic and knew I needed to use her. So I made a Valentine for MrL. 
- I pinned the image on my pinterest board (JIC you want it). I edited it in picmonkey and saved it on my computer. Then print to size to fit in the candy box.
- any size valentine candy box, I think this box held 6 pieces.
- the crosshatch paper is a photo copy of a bamboo tray I bought at a thrift store.  
- assorted scrapbook stickers: hibiscus flowers, red glitter hearts, the word "love"
- red flocked paper cut into a heart. 
- glitter glue - you gotta have glitter glue!
- crepe paper ruffle - I folded the streamer in half and hand sewed it to create the ruffle.
- Hula loves you baby? tag printed on the computer using Printshop then cut out.
To give the different layers depth I used pop dots between the flocked heart and the crosshatch background. With the extra height I was able to cut the hibiscus stickers in half and tuck under the edges of the heart.  I hot glued the ruffle to the back following the contours of the box. Then ever so carefully hot glued two pipe cleaners to the front edge and one to the back as a hanger. Tucked the tag in between the box and ruffle, added a few more stickers and Voila, done!

Here it is hanging on his desk. How does he show me he loves me you ask? He feeds the cat in morning, he will mail packages twice in one week, he does the laundry, he checks the oil in my car and doesn't give me hard time if I forget to do it. Am I lucky or what!
Chris =]



  1. Hi Chris,
    Its so true, its hard to create something that hasn't been done some where in blogland ... but it is fun to see how each person puts their own individual spin on it ! The scan you did really adds texture to your valentine, and goes so well with your theme its perfect ... just too cute !!

  2. these are really cute...and as for originality. I cannot tell you how many times I've had "an idea" only to google it and find that someone else beat me to it! Creative minds think alike!

  3. Good ideas! And I just used the conversation hearts to make an ornament and tossed a perfectly great shadow box! Love the hula honey too! My son is stationed at Pearl Harbor...miss that valentine boy o' mine!