Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1st bird swap

I joined " A little birdie told me" swap over at Yarnigras Swapper. I was paired up with Shelly who is a scrapbooker too. You should see her pages about her turtle Sheldon who lives in her craft room.

She made me this gourd birdhouse which won't be housing any birds, it's too pretty to go outside.
This bird nest charm was part of the hanger for the gourd, I'm going to use it on a necklace instead.
I almost bought myself this same little bird. I really like the lace cutouts.
The bluebird candle will look really pretty with the light glowing thru it. Mr L was intrigued with the homemade bird seed feeders. I'm going to have to find a place to hang them so the Junco's can reach them but the Scrub Jay's can't.

This is what I made. I wasn't going for anything Valentine"y" but sometimes things just work out that way. 
Chris =]

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

what do you think?

I need your opinion - be honest now! You won't hurt my feelings.

I've joined a couple of craft swaps with a spring theme and this is one of my ideas (I know it's not really "my" idea).  Does it have enough "umph"? Does it need something more or different? Should I scrap the whole idea and start over? 
Thanks for your input.
Chris =]

Saturday, February 9, 2013

baby shower gift diy

   While I like what I made for a recent baby shower I didn't think it was blog worthy, but I was told to post it so okay...
And no, I wouldn't jump off a bridge if someone told me too, I learned my lesson on that.
- chipboard letter
- slate plaque
- scrapbook paper
- dimensional paint
- ribbon
This is so easy you don't need photos.
1. Paint edges of letter, let dry.
2. (a thin layer) Tacky glue the letter to the back of the scrapbook paper making sure your pattern is pointing the right direction.
3. Once dry cut out the letter using exacto knife.
4. I ran a thin line of dimensional paint along the edge of the letter to give it a finished look.
5. Hot glue the finished letter to the slate plaque and embellish to your hearts content.
  I knew what type of card I wanted to make so to save myself some time I did a search for a baby dress template and instructions . A pair of tweezers was essential when it came to placing each of those little pearl beads. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.
Chris =]

Monday, February 4, 2013

thank you's

  These are the hearts I received from Debby's valentine swap at  Cozy Blanket. Aren't they sweet??? I want to say THANK YOU to the following ladies:
- Jackie at Once Upon a Fairyland for the paper doll and valentine. You should go look at her photos of where she grew up, they are fantastic.
- Vintage Betty's for the pink trimmed pink heart. I had to put it up high because my cat wanted the pink garland.
- Elizabeth at Creative Breathing for the hand stitched "be mine" heart. I can't get over the french knots and daisy chain flowers.
- Sandie at Retro Sandie for the amazing hand beaded felt flower heart.
- Jane at Aralia Jane for the red and white yo yo heart. I love polka dots. 


The other valentine swap I joined was over at Golden Egg Vintage where Erica matched me up with Elaine from Honeysuckle Hollow.  I was so touched to receive my valentine shadowbox with it's own storybook written by Elaine! There is so much detail, I love looking at the tiny cards sitting around the valentine mail box.

  Normally I'm not a fan of pink but I just adore the box covered in the crepe paper cabbage roses. And that was just the beginning... I'm not sure how Elaine managed to cram so many great crafty bits into that narrow box.

  Don't you just love the lacy vellum heart envelopes and vintage valentine stickers? I can't wait to use the red pom pom ribbon.

All my new valentines are hanging above my TV so I can see them all the time. =]

Chris =]

Friday, February 1, 2013

an original valentine craft (almost)

I thought I had an original idea to show you until I saw this post over at Kim K's. All I can say is great minds think alike. Well... at least it saves me from having to give directions, Sweet!!
The two things I did differently are: 1. Before I glued the top closed I poked two small holes on either side of the box, slid the pipe cleaner in and tied a knot into each end. 2. I hot glued a hand polka dotted crepe paper ruffle to the back of the box to give it that "Mary Englebreit je ne se qua". 
While looking for some inspiration for a valentine swap I joined I came across this vintage hula girl graphic and knew I needed to use her. So I made a Valentine for MrL. 
- I pinned the image on my pinterest board (JIC you want it). I edited it in picmonkey and saved it on my computer. Then print to size to fit in the candy box.
- any size valentine candy box, I think this box held 6 pieces.
- the crosshatch paper is a photo copy of a bamboo tray I bought at a thrift store.  
- assorted scrapbook stickers: hibiscus flowers, red glitter hearts, the word "love"
- red flocked paper cut into a heart. 
- glitter glue - you gotta have glitter glue!
- crepe paper ruffle - I folded the streamer in half and hand sewed it to create the ruffle.
- Hula loves you baby? tag printed on the computer using Printshop then cut out.
To give the different layers depth I used pop dots between the flocked heart and the crosshatch background. With the extra height I was able to cut the hibiscus stickers in half and tuck under the edges of the heart.  I hot glued the ruffle to the back following the contours of the box. Then ever so carefully hot glued two pipe cleaners to the front edge and one to the back as a hanger. Tucked the tag in between the box and ruffle, added a few more stickers and Voila, done!

Here it is hanging on his desk. How does he show me he loves me you ask? He feeds the cat in morning, he will mail packages twice in one week, he does the laundry, he checks the oil in my car and doesn't give me hard time if I forget to do it. Am I lucky or what!
Chris =]