Tuesday, January 29, 2013

valentine swaps

I'm not usually a fan of valentines, but I like making items for swaps so I signed up for two. Everything should be delivered by now so I'm going to show pictures.

Swap #1 was over at Debby's, we sent 5 hearts and will receive 5 in the mail. I knew I wanted to make a shadow box from a heart shaped candy box but had absolutely no idea what to make. I finally came across some inspiration and Viola! My Creation:

 Swap #2 was over at Erica's and I was partnered up with "E" from honeysuckle hollow. She should have received it by now... if you didn't then don't look!!

 I do have to admit that I didn't QUITE follow the instructions for the swap (anyone who knows me will not be surprised). We were suppose to decorate two small valentine candy boxes... but... I needed more room for my collage to fit, so I made a candy box and a canvas creation plus some other crafty bits as tuck ins.
Every time I read it I sing,
All you need is love...wont...wont...wont...waaaaaa...Love is all you need.
 A special Thank You to Vivian for your suggestions on "cuteing" up my valentines. =]
Chris =]


  1. LOL I think the more artistic and talented you are, the more difficult it is to follow the rules! Each piece you did is great! I especially love the last one! And I bet it was a lot of fun to create!
    Great Job Chris!
    Erica :)

    1. Thanks!! I'm going to have to remember that the next someone gives me a hard time. =]

  2. Im not a rule follower either Chris... In fact, I cant begin to follow a pattern, Im always thinking there must be another way to do this!
    anyways, Your valentines were cute before you asked my advise! but your welcome.
    have a great wednesday!

  3. Oh, how fun! I have the hardest time following directions too. I start thinking how I'm going to do a project and then it turns out totally different than the direction I was headed in.

  4. Your little heart is sweet...although I didn't recieve one of yours....I'm glad you like mine :)

  5. CHRIS !!!!!! It arrived today !! I got home from work late and the pkg was on my porch .... I LOVE IT ALL !!! The collage is STUNNING and of course I cant wait to dig in to the sweetly decorated box of candy (love the fringe). I couldn't believe all the bits of goodies you included OH MY GOSH I have enough embellishments to last me a while ... I cant thank you enough for all the blogger love that came my way ... Your pkg is coming priority mail and should arrive in a couple days I will blog about your goodies asap !! Again thank you and here's hoping you enjoy your goodies half as much as I do mine ... Thanks to Erica for hosting this swap ! XO your new friend in blogland, Elaine