Sunday, January 27, 2013

two cats

  Ms.L is having roommate issues and needed to move. Luckily for her it's only downstairs, but her new roommate has dogs, so Mr.L and I are temporally a two cat household.
My cat is named Blackjack but he answers to "PSST". He is an 11 year old, 12 pound, Garfield'esque' short haired tuxedo. He loves to be held like a baby and is my cuddle bunny. He is very social and likes people.
His idea of being out of the way.
Ms.L's cat is named Linus but I call him Fat Boy. He is a 4 year old, 17 pound (Yes! you heard right 17 pounds!), slightly skittish, quiet, long haired tuxedo. He is social but Do Not pick him up. 
You should see his kitty butt spread.
Linus has adjusted to his new surroundings and us pretty quickly and Blackjack while not crazy about having another cat in the house has not fought with Linus. Of course that requires too much energy and goes against his principles of Do Nothing Unnecessary.

With Linus here I've come to a disturbing realization. I know a "mother's" love is blind and it's taken this visit to show me that Blackjack is a snob. What disturbs me is, is it a case of nurture or nature? If it's the nature of being a cat okay, but if it's a case of nurture what does that say of me? Have I given him too much without enough boundaries? I don't think so, when he goes outside he come back when I tell him to. Is it the only child syndrome?
  And I thought once Ms.L was grown up we wouldn't have to worry about these things any more. Sheez!
If it ever becomes necessary to quantify our love for Ms.L I'm using the above photo as proof. It is a 5x3 inch, sticky, hairy ball made up of the disposable lint roller papers after I got done de-hairifying the living room furniture and kitchen chairs. This is a daily occurrence.

Chris =]


  1. Your roomies are purty....funny about the comfy spot being right in your way!,,

  2. LOL 17 pounds???? That's 3 more pounds than my wiener dog!
    hahaha Too Funny!
    My parent's have two cocker spaniels. Though somehow they always have 4 dogs at their house! My sister brings her cocker over because she never ever wants him to spend a minute "all alone", while she's at work. And then I've (and my dog) had to live with my parent's during these two surgeries on my feet.
    My poor parents! Plus I think our neighbors think we're animal hoarders!
    Yes, what parent's won't do for their kids!