Sunday, January 13, 2013

new craft room

I'm a lucky girl!
I wasn't expecting a Christmas present from Mr.L because Ms.L and I are going to Belgium this summer.  Mr.L gave me TWO surprises while our handyman was here building storage shelves in the garage.

Surprise #1 - He had a rolling workbench built for my saws and glass grinder and my own set of garage shelves. Be still my heart!!!

Surprise #2 - If that wasn't enough he changed some of his plans for the garage so I could have shelves built in my craft room and have my desk re-oriented. I was swooning!!!
I won't bore you with the whole process (the de-cluttering and organizing) but I did want to show off my new looking room.

To make better use of the space and get more daylight I had my desk moved in front of the window. 
I've been wanting to take everything off the walls for a while and redecorate, this was the perfect time to scale down and concentrate on a few things instead of an over abundance. Trust me it might not look scaled down but it is.
I went back and forth about putting floor to ceiling shelves in the closet. This ended up being a good compromise. If necessary there is still room to allow for a clothes rod.  It makes me happy to see everything labeled and in it's place.

Did I say I'm spoiled?! What do you think of my custom built, built in cabinet? Alec (our handy, handyman) and I designed the center shelves to fit my cardboard storage boxes and openings for my apothecary jars. By moving my desk it allowed for a small sitting area that Mr.L has all ready used.
I was going through craft room withdrawals so I spent an afternoon making two "new" bulletin boards out of thrift shop items. I paid $6.00 for the supplies. Most of that was on the smaller of the two frames, but it was too cute to pass up.

As I put everything back in it's new and proper place if it didn't have a spot for a label I made a tag from an old deck of cards.
I was the lucky recipient of one of Elizabeth's love bugs, he showed up just in time to claim his spot on a newly painted shelf.  Isn't he sweet.
I still have some futzing to do but for the most part everything is right where I want it.
Have a Wonderful Week!!
Chris =] 


  1. oh my goodness, it looks WONDERFUL! I love your little Valentine surprise too....

  2. I love to see happy places like CRAFTING spots! It's so nice to have our own spot to play!

  3. Oh yeah, "Mary E. is my coach!" is AWESOME!

  4. Very cool looking room! Saw your name on my GFC followers list and wanted to say thanks. I'd be happy to return the favor but I don't see any follow widgets on your site? Let me know!