Wednesday, January 9, 2013

did it work?

I'm having a hard time uploading photos (along with other it seems) I thought I would try a little experiment... It's a round about way to upload photos but, if you can see these then it worked!
Last Friday I went for a walk and a neighbor down the street looked like they were having a garage sale, but no one was there so I continued on my walk. On my way back home I noticed a couple of people there and I stopped in. It seems the add didn't get in the newspaper, too bad for them but great for me! 
I got everything on the counter for... (drum roll)  wait for it... $1.50! Can you believe it!!
The figures in the right hand corner are metal not plastic, they will make cute ornaments. I'm going to use the Santa heads as our stockings next year. The glass ornaments will be used for my wreath that I'm still working on.

I was super excited about the bottle brush trees, these are my first official vintage ones. Gold and Pink are not my favorite colors, but I'm kinda digging them.
I couldn't believe my luck, it still makes me giggle uncontrollably when I look at the photo.
Chris =]


  1. good deal Chris! Its a good think you stopped there. no garage sales going on around here right now! lol!
    have a great day

  2. so jealous! You lucky girl you!!!!!!!!!!!!