Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a revamped fry box

   I'm a little behind the times, but i didn't know that a certain fast food chain started using these small, cute fry boxes in the kids meals. Mr L. and I have not eaten in a fast food restaurant in over two years. Oops... I take that back I did a few weeks ago... the things I'm willing to do for my Girl Scout troop.
   A parent brought lunch for all the kids and iced strawberry frapacoffee drink (I don't normally drink at that coffee place) for the teachers to celebrate one of our students birthdays. These specific parents are very nice - and not just because they spoil us. =]
Off track again...
   The french fry's came in a mini fry box instead of a paper envelope, I have this thing for anything miniature. I decide to turn the boxes into a tiny wall pocket. It was super easy and quick.

- any size fry box
- scrapbook or any other type of paper
- scissors,tacky glue, hot glue gun, hole punch
- pipe cleaner
- florist foam
- assorted greenery - fake or real
- tchotchke's of your choice

- Open the fry box and glue it face down on your paper. ** If you are using a paper with a directional pattern make sure you glue it the right way up.**
- To give it a clean outer edge, cut around the box giving yourself at least a 1/4 allowance.
-  At the curves cut small strips of the paper to the edge of the box, fold in and glue down.
- At each point (blue arrows) cut to the box, trimming any overlapping or odd protruding corners and glue down.
- Using a glue gun reassemble the fry box.
- Using hole punch, punch hole on either side of box and attach pipe cleaner
- Fill with flower foam, arrange greenery and add tchotchke's.
Have fun!!

Chris =]

Sunday, December 16, 2012

more christmas 2012

 To get our minds (at least for a little bit) off the horrible things that happened this weekend I'm posting more Christmas photo's from the outside of my house plus a "new" ornament I recently got.


My new Christmas sign I made. I thought I'd had an original idea, but my friend Amy told me she saw this years ago in lights on top of a house that the airplane she was in flew over on it's way to landing.  I still like it!

   9 more days unitl Christmas, where has the month gone?
Chris =]

Sunday, December 9, 2012

feel like i'm being watched

Do you ever get that creepy feeling that someone or something is watching you? Looking over your shoulder?  Trying to see what you are doing? I did - it was weird.

I'm not messy, I'm creative!!
Enjoy your week!!!
Chris =]

putz house village

   Instead of getting ready for my Girl Scout meeting tomorrow night I was playing on Picmonkey. So with out further adieu here are some close ups of my "winterized" putz village.
   I've only been collecting putz houses for a few years and don't have any vintage ones (yet). This is the first year that I've decorated my own house, next year I'm going to make one from scratch.
 I found this very helpful website little glitter houses that has a great DIY page. Howard (the owner) makes fantastic custom buildings. One of these days I'm hoping Mr.L will let me have our house done in putz.
Norwegian port Tromso
   Have you ever noticed how Norwegian towns look like putz villages? That's one way to break up all that white.
Chris =]


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

my other girls

I would like to introduce you to my other "children".  I have been a Girl Scout Leader since Ms L. was in 1st grade and now she will be graduating college this coming spring. 17 years as a leader + 3 years as a girl, this is my 20th year as a Girl Scout.

Needless to say I enjoy it! This year I have a combo troop of 14 girls. 1/2 Juniors - 4th and 5th grade, and 1/2 Cadettes - 6,7 and 8th grade. If you had told me 4 years ago that I would be a Cadette Leader I would have laughed. I liked being with the younger girls, I didn't have the patience to deal with the pre-teen attitude. When Ms L was in 6th grade it was all I could do to not velcro the girls to the wall. But with age comes wisdom and a calmer me.

not all of the Cadettes
 Most of the girls stay for a few years before their active duty parent gets orders and they have to move again, except for the cutie in the red striped shirt. She has been "my" Girl Scout ever since 1st grade and will be until she is done.
The Juniors
Another thing Girl Scouts has given me is friends. Some of my longest adult friendships are with ladies whom I have been Leaders with and parents of girls as I have been the Girl Scout Leader.
Chris =]

Sunday, December 2, 2012

warm week, rainy weekend

You sure can't tell it's the beginning of December around here temp's in the low 70's and flowers in my backyard are blooming.

    I was surprised to see I have strawberries growing!!

      I had to refill the hummingbird feeder because we still have 4 Anna hummingbirds here. They will fly to the feeder, see that it is empty and as they fly away chirp their dislike.
   They usually disappear for a few months, then come back around March/April and start making their nests for the new babies. This is the fifth year they have been back.

   The leaves on the Mulberry tree are finally starting to turn yellow.
    My camellia bushes will start to bloom en masse any day now and last through January. After the camellia's are done the cyclamen will start to bloom. I like having flowers during the winter.
    It has rained for the last three days, but it feels more like spring and not winter. Not that I'm complaining, we can certainly use the rain and I will take this over an east coast winter any day.
Chris =]