Saturday, November 3, 2012

what is art ?

   My friend Amy has a frame shop, when I go visit her I like to look at what other people bring in to have professionally framed. It got me wondering what makes something art? Her answer was Perception, each person has a different idea of what art is.  - Okay, easy enough.
    There is a lady who brings in these amazing cross stitched pictures, there is such detail in each piece she creates. Why is she not considered an artist while a person who traps thousands of butterflies in an artificial environment is heralded as a genius?  I think that has more to do with personality and ego.

  When I came home I started looking at what was displayed around our house and while we like it - which is the important part, is it really "art"?

 We do own two popular artist prints. The Bev Doolittle print below (and furniture) was our first "adult" purchase when we moved into together 25 years ago.

   I don't normally buy massed produced art, to me it feels sterile. If I'm going to look at it everyday it needs to mean something personal. Items from our childhood, or a trip, reminders of a place we lived, something I created. When I do buy art I like local art shows or estate sales.
    I don't consider myself an artist, but I am proud when my finished product looks like my idea.
                      What do you think, Art or fun Craft?
Chris =]


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