Sunday, November 25, 2012

surprise visit and family photos

Hello All,

 I hope everyone had as fun a Thanksgiving as I had. To start it off I got the whole week off from work. Yeah Me!! 
  The doorbell rang Monday (while I was cleaning the house), I open the door expecting a child selling magazines or Christmas wrapping paper but was pleasantly surprised to see Ms. L!!!! She had a few days off from work and school so decided to pop in. Yeah Me again!!

We went to a couple of thrift shops where Ms L. found a few things for her apartment and I found these great lights from 1958, they don't light up but I can easily attach them to a new strand.

    I had planned on putting up Christmas after Thanksgiving but since she was home I pulled it all out and had her help me, besides it is more fun when she helps. =]

   And since she was home it was the perfect time for our annual family photo. This is what I had to deal with while I was trying to get the lighting correct! No matter, A lot of laughing later we got our photo. 
The Little's and cat 2012
Chris =]

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  1. cute family pics! Yes, its always best to do your tree while there is someone to help. MY daughter Jen showed up just in time to help me.. not to hard though as my tree is tiny!
    have a great week