Thursday, November 15, 2012

paper putz house swap

   My partner got her house so now I can show you what I made for Erica's paper house putz swap.

   When I bought the house it had two more windows on the top and the bottom but I didn't like it so I covered them up with painters tape before I spray painted it. I used aquarium gravel for the chimney and joint compound for the snow. Then I glittered EVERYTHING. It took me days to clean up the glitter but it was worth it.

   With a yellow sharpie I colored small pieces of vellum then taped those over the windows. You are asking how I managed that little bit of craftiness?!  I am goood... Okay, the roof came off.
    Playing around with the tan and brown sharpies I came up with what I think is a good approximation to wood grain for the front door. Then came the fun part - the accessorizing. I cut down the bottle brush trees and Santa's legs to fit (Sorry Santa).  I hot glued the roof to the house then covered the line with red and silver pipe cleaner.

    I cut a hole in the back and inserted a clip light to make the windows glow. If I actually planned while doing this project I would have cut the hole as one of the first steps and not the last!
   My favorite part is the door and the most time consuming was the chimney, I placed those stones one by one. 
 FYI - if you are using colored glitter Do Not put the snow down first. Duh!

   The stocking was a pre-cut kit that I hand sewed and filled with a few handmade ornaments and Mary Engelbreit fun.
Thanks for looking!
Chris =]


  1. wonderful little house! the chimney is the icing on the cake! sweet stocking too!
    have a great weekend

  2. Hi Chris, I love the house you sent and all the other goodies! Thank You! I posted pics on my blog today, and I thought that door on the house was real wood!! The chimney is wonderful, so real looking, I've never seen one done like that before! Hope yours has arrived,
    Have a great Holiday~Dorothy

  3. This is such a pretty little house...I gotta ask though? Why is it called a putz house?????

    1. The term was derived from the German verb putzen, which means "to clean" or "to decorate."

  4. Aquarium gravel. Brilliant!! Your home is just darling. I can't get enough little houses.