Wednesday, November 28, 2012

christmas 2012

 I Love Christmas Yes I do, I Love Christmas How About You?!



These last two are my most treasured Christmas items from when I was a baby/child.
Chris =]


Why is spray painting plastic animals so much fun?!

Chris =]

Sunday, November 25, 2012

surprise visit and family photos

Hello All,

 I hope everyone had as fun a Thanksgiving as I had. To start it off I got the whole week off from work. Yeah Me!! 
  The doorbell rang Monday (while I was cleaning the house), I open the door expecting a child selling magazines or Christmas wrapping paper but was pleasantly surprised to see Ms. L!!!! She had a few days off from work and school so decided to pop in. Yeah Me again!!

We went to a couple of thrift shops where Ms L. found a few things for her apartment and I found these great lights from 1958, they don't light up but I can easily attach them to a new strand.

    I had planned on putting up Christmas after Thanksgiving but since she was home I pulled it all out and had her help me, besides it is more fun when she helps. =]

   And since she was home it was the perfect time for our annual family photo. This is what I had to deal with while I was trying to get the lighting correct! No matter, A lot of laughing later we got our photo. 
The Little's and cat 2012
Chris =]

Thursday, November 15, 2012

paper putz house swap

   My partner got her house so now I can show you what I made for Erica's paper house putz swap.

   When I bought the house it had two more windows on the top and the bottom but I didn't like it so I covered them up with painters tape before I spray painted it. I used aquarium gravel for the chimney and joint compound for the snow. Then I glittered EVERYTHING. It took me days to clean up the glitter but it was worth it.

   With a yellow sharpie I colored small pieces of vellum then taped those over the windows. You are asking how I managed that little bit of craftiness?!  I am goood... Okay, the roof came off.
    Playing around with the tan and brown sharpies I came up with what I think is a good approximation to wood grain for the front door. Then came the fun part - the accessorizing. I cut down the bottle brush trees and Santa's legs to fit (Sorry Santa).  I hot glued the roof to the house then covered the line with red and silver pipe cleaner.

    I cut a hole in the back and inserted a clip light to make the windows glow. If I actually planned while doing this project I would have cut the hole as one of the first steps and not the last!
   My favorite part is the door and the most time consuming was the chimney, I placed those stones one by one. 
 FYI - if you are using colored glitter Do Not put the snow down first. Duh!

   The stocking was a pre-cut kit that I hand sewed and filled with a few handmade ornaments and Mary Engelbreit fun.
Thanks for looking!
Chris =]

Saturday, November 10, 2012

in my craft room - christmas swaps

  I'm having a fun time creating for the 4 different Christmas swaps I signed up for.

 The first one I signed up for was a 5 for 5 ornament swap over at Valerie's.  I made any ornament my heart desired.

Thanks for the photo Valerie!

  The second swap I signed up for was over at Helga's.  She has a great shop with the coolest art supplies. The rule was we had to use one item from her shop. I was trying my hand at a
non-traditional holiday ornament.

 The third swap was over at Erica's. She set up a paper putz house swap, I've been meaning to make a putz house and this was the perfect reason to get me motivated. I can't show you this one until my partner Dorothy get her house next week. 
The fourth swap was over at Wendy's. Last year this was my first ornament swap (I know I'm a little behind the times). It was fun to be able to do it again.  What perfect timing too, I had just come across a tutortial that I had to do. These are the final results. I will go into greater detail shortly.

  The last two photos are a little extra. I have this box full of these cute vintage ice cream cups that I've been waiting to use, when I pick up this little Santa and plastic holly I knew exactly what to do!
The skull is my newest addition to my DOD display, it is a paper-mache pear turned upside down.

Chris =]

Sunday, November 4, 2012

a beautiful day

Here we are the first week in November and it was 80 degrees and no breeze today! Mr L. and I decided to get out of the house and go to the beach.

please excuse the sun reflection it was at a bad angle

What a glorious day! There was a slight breeze and lots of shade to sit in. We lounged on our blanket listening to the baby waves roll into the beach and the rustling of the palm fronds while looking out at the sparkling blue ocean.

This is my favorite beach to go to, there is this row of massive palm trees lining the edge between grass and sand. You get to decide whether to sit in the sand and sun or grass and shade.
ready to catch a wave


Have a wonderful week!
Chris =]

Saturday, November 3, 2012

what is art ?

   My friend Amy has a frame shop, when I go visit her I like to look at what other people bring in to have professionally framed. It got me wondering what makes something art? Her answer was Perception, each person has a different idea of what art is.  - Okay, easy enough.
    There is a lady who brings in these amazing cross stitched pictures, there is such detail in each piece she creates. Why is she not considered an artist while a person who traps thousands of butterflies in an artificial environment is heralded as a genius?  I think that has more to do with personality and ego.

  When I came home I started looking at what was displayed around our house and while we like it - which is the important part, is it really "art"?

 We do own two popular artist prints. The Bev Doolittle print below (and furniture) was our first "adult" purchase when we moved into together 25 years ago.

   I don't normally buy massed produced art, to me it feels sterile. If I'm going to look at it everyday it needs to mean something personal. Items from our childhood, or a trip, reminders of a place we lived, something I created. When I do buy art I like local art shows or estate sales.
    I don't consider myself an artist, but I am proud when my finished product looks like my idea.
                      What do you think, Art or fun Craft?
Chris =]