Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Name Change and Witch's Hat Swap

After reading my first blog Big L and Little L don't like their nick names. I thought it was pretty clever, He is Big, I am Middle and She is Little. Oh well... So from now on they will be Mr.L and Miss L.
Any way...

I was asked to show the hat I made for my swap partner. I wish I had added some black tulle to the underside of the brim, but I was afraid of going overboard.

The image on the box I found on line and antiqued it to make it look vintage. The label says trix or treats which was perfect since my partner didn't know if the box held candy or something else(wink,wink). 
The flower came about while I was deciding how to dress up the practical but not very Halloween"y" plastic nut container. The best thing I had for covering the lid was candy cane stripped duct tape.
Mr L helped me design the grass, it is tooth picks in flower foam covered with Palsti Dip. I love dipping things in that stuff! The flower is my homage to one of my favorite movies - The Nightmare Before Christmas.



  1. I LOVE the hat you made! it may well be my fav of the bunch! sooo unigue!
    happy day!

  2. Thank you soooo much for sharing your wonderful creation! I love the crow's nest in the hat~ such a clever idea! I also love that big L (excuse me, Mr. L) got in on the fun too. That whole jar is marvelous indeed!

  3. Chris, the hat is absolutely fantastic! Love the door with the bird.