Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It Worked!!

I love it when I have an idea and it actually works. On etsy I've been looking at journals made from old books and really liked them. There were only two problems 1. the price and 2. the design. I wanted the choice of adding more paper when needed.
After a little experimenting I came up with my version. It required a trip to the thrift shop (Oh Darn!) for an old binder and a book I didn't mind tearing apart. I buy books with the intention of using them for a project but when it comes time to tear it apart I can't do it, especially if I read it first.
The only part of the binder I wanted was the ring/clip part. It's amazing how much a new binder clip cost! I was able to find inexpensive cookbooks, photo albums and plain binders for the clip.
- For the book cut the pages from the front and back cover. ** Be careful not to cut a hole in the book spine.
- I used an exacto knife and cut the clip and spine away from the rest of the binder. Then trimmed it to fit the inside spine of the book.** Don't remove the spine from the clip it creates the right height for the binder clip to open and close once you glue it into the book.  
- I took two pages from the book and glued them to the front and back cover.
- Hot glue the clip to the inside spine and Ta Da done!
I filled the binder with an assortment of paper: pages from the books, scrapbook paper, envelopes, accounting ledger forms, printer paper, wallpaper samples, graph paper, and Yes that is a junior mint box. The idea was to reuse paper I all ready had. Give it a try, it's  fun!
Chris =]



  1. Chris, Thank you for sharing this idea. I have been wanting to make a journal but wanted something unique. This is it! Now I need to learn what to do with the pages. Please let me know when you post some. Thank you for stopping by Creative Breathing. Elizabeth