Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm a baaad girl

I'm a baaad.... - sorry had to get that out of my system.

I made a promise to myself not to spend money unnecessarily because Ms. L and I are going to Belgium this coming spring for her graduation. This past week I failed because I went thrift shopping. But, I needed it all.

   I  couldn't help myself when I saw the elves/dwarfs peeking out from different parts of the bag they were stuffed in, and much to my surprise I find a rocking horse ornament almost like one I use to have when I was little - the horse was a different color. Just for added fun I find hiding in the bag a felt elf and a gold angel. 

    Next was three boxes of glass ornaments for my someday ornament wreath. The ceramic tree was a much better deal finished than I could have ever gotten if I had made it myself. The best part of this day was spending time with a friend whom I had not seen since last Christmas. 

  I want to say at this point I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!! Mr. L stood around in this not to nice thrift shop while I dug through boxes and boxes of christmas to find more glass balls, wooden santas and snowmen.
  I'm not sure how old the santa boot and the silver angel are but they both say made in Japan, either way they both are going to make a cute arrangement. I got such a good deal on the glass balls that I just might have to go back for more.
   I think I need professional help! Is there a Christmas DIY spending support group?

Chris =]


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  1. fun stuff Chris! I should be collecting ornies for an ornie wreath too. But i'll probably end up ordering one someday. Though I love the idea of thrifting.. I am not good at it! Though I suppose its like winning the lottery.. not gonna happen if I dont buy a ticket. Im not gonna find the good stuff Thrifing if I'm not willing to dig through the junk! And being that I love junk, you would think that I would enjoy the process, but I sort of dont. I sure do love to see what every one else comes up twith though!
    happy Sunday