Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I participated in my first Halloween swap over at viv out on a limb  My partner was Amy and she is a Cali girl too. I was having so much fun that I mailed her box a month early. Amy didn't open her box until she had mailed mine, she showed more restraint than I would. I got my box yesterday and ripped into it like there was no tomorrow. Here is what she made for me
Isn't it fab? Along with being stylish the hat is also soft and fuzzy. And so in the pumpkin, I could snuggle with it. Is that weird? As if that wasn't enough I got all this as well.
The chocolate was melted (it figures, the one time I get chocolate in the mail our temp is 20 degrees above normal). I was going to take a photo of the chocolate mushrooms but when I opened the package it was a big lump. Not that it stopped me from eating it once it spent a little time in the fridge. I mean come on you never waste chocolate!! The package on the left is a Toasty Ghosty smore's kit with ghost peeps!!  I'm hoping to be able to participate in more craft swaps.
Chris =]


  1. dont you just love that hat and wand!? I do. She sent me a pic of it the other day. I'll soon be posting any pics I have from the swap. so many creative girls out there!
    happy Wednesday!

  2. Wow what a fabulous partner for a super fun swap. I would love to see what you created for the swap!