Friday, October 12, 2012

Great Time (last weekend)


I know two post in one night but I've been meaning to share about last weekend. Miss L came home for a visit!! We haven't seen her since August, Mr L and I  needed a Mommy and Daddy fix. Needless to say it was a fun time. 
This is my late birthday present that Miss L made for me. Isn't it great?  For those who don't know the image is of a Dalek from the best TV show ever - Dr. Who . On the inside of the mug it says keep calm and exterminate. (Sorry, Dr Who joke)

While she was home:
We tried a new cookie recipe and she cooked dinner,
Played tourist in Solvang - which I call the Tchotchke Capital of the World,
Blew up ghost peeps in the microwave,
On Sunday Mr. and Miss L had some Daddy/Daughter time - they went Skydiving! Someone had to stay on the ground and make sure nothing happened to the car so I made the sacrifice and stayed behind.
The blue under the cloud line is the ocean. Yes, we live that close.



I don't think they had any fun!!
Chris =]

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  1. Someday I really want to get to Solvang! I have a few friends who just love it!
    PEEPS are so darn good! I've never put them in the microwave. LOL Maybe I need to do that! What I DON'T feel the need to do is to go skydiving! lol But I'm so glad that they had fun.
    Erica :)