Tuesday, October 23, 2012

food chain issues

   If you didn't know I live very close to the lovely Pacific Ocean.  I love going to the beach but don't like going out in the water past my knees. It goes back to when I was a little girl and my family was vacationing in the Gulf of Mexico. At that time I had no fear about going in the ocean - it was great fun.
   Until...(insert ominous music here) One afternoon my sister and I were splashing around while my Dad stood at the edge watching us. I hear a woman scream and the next thing I know my Dad comes tearing through the water scoops me up under one arm, runs over to my sister scoops her up under the other arm and  moving faster than a man should who's hip deep in the ocean carrying two 60lbs girls makes tracks back to the beach. The woman had yelled SHARK! Once back on the beach my Dad realizes it's a pod of dolphins!
   Keeping that, and the movie Jaws at a impressionable young age in mind we fast forward a "few" years to now when this photo and article appeared today on my FB then on Yahoo.

And my friends wonder why I have Food Chain Issues!

PS -The interesting (but sad) part is the two surfers who have been attacked in the past two years happened almost on the same day and in roughly the same area. I need to ask Ms. L if the Great White's are following a migratory food source.

Chris =]

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  1. yeah, Im a knees deep ocean girl myself.. but How I LOVE the ocean!
    not to fond of the creatures that live in it though!
    happy day!