Wednesday, October 31, 2012

peek in my window

   Viv from Viv Out on a Limb was talking about why she started reading blogs then writing her own. The part that struck a cord with me was this "at first it was just looking at and reading other live journals and blogs. It was sort of like when my husband would drive us somewhere at night, and peoples lights would be on in their houses and I could get quick peeks inside as we drove by!"

my guard cat =]

 I decided to open my curtains a little and let you peek in.
-  I only wear shorts, no really, I don't wear pants and I can't remember the last time I wore a dress.
-  Plaid shorts are a staple in my closet.
-  The music I listen to is rock, heavy metal, classical, (young) Elvis and 80's.
-  It has been 3 years since we have had cable/satellite.
-  I collect heart shaped rocks.
-  All the big power tools in the garage are mine.
-  I have an owl collection that I didn't start. Most of them are gifts from past Girl Scouts.
-  I like everything about Day of the Dead Celebration - including the fun skeletons.
-  Most of the lamps in my house have been made by me, I really like lamps.
-  Doctor Who is an awesome TV show.
- I've never wanted any other job than working with preschoolers.
-  Hawaii is my dream place to live.
-  I'm an amateur photographer.
- Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn are my favorite actors.
- I watch movies from the 40's and 50's, the golden age of Hollywood.
- I like to get Whitman's Chocolate Samplers for the boxes.
- I have two younger sisters, one niece and two nephews.
- Spray paint can fix anything.
- I'm an avid reader.
- I have a scrapbook paper addiction.
- I collect vintage Christmas.
- I have a drawer full of colorfull knee socks for creating sock monsters.
- I like to experiment with all types of crafting.
- I like frogs.
- Girl Scouts
- Sharpie Markers
- I am thankful for everything in my life!

Chris =]

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm a baaad girl

I'm a baaad.... - sorry had to get that out of my system.

I made a promise to myself not to spend money unnecessarily because Ms. L and I are going to Belgium this coming spring for her graduation. This past week I failed because I went thrift shopping. But, I needed it all.

   I  couldn't help myself when I saw the elves/dwarfs peeking out from different parts of the bag they were stuffed in, and much to my surprise I find a rocking horse ornament almost like one I use to have when I was little - the horse was a different color. Just for added fun I find hiding in the bag a felt elf and a gold angel. 

    Next was three boxes of glass ornaments for my someday ornament wreath. The ceramic tree was a much better deal finished than I could have ever gotten if I had made it myself. The best part of this day was spending time with a friend whom I had not seen since last Christmas. 

  I want to say at this point I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND EVER!! Mr. L stood around in this not to nice thrift shop while I dug through boxes and boxes of christmas to find more glass balls, wooden santas and snowmen.
  I'm not sure how old the santa boot and the silver angel are but they both say made in Japan, either way they both are going to make a cute arrangement. I got such a good deal on the glass balls that I just might have to go back for more.
   I think I need professional help! Is there a Christmas DIY spending support group?

Chris =]


Thursday, October 25, 2012

why a dandelion

I was asked if the dandelion at the top of my blog meant anything. Yes it does

Other than a very pretty picture I was able to download for free it represents the one consistent thing in my ever evolving life, being a military dependent. I have never been a civilian, I am proud to say that I spent the first 22 years as an AF Brat and since then as a AF Spouse.
"We" definitely bloom anywhere. Moving every three years you learn how to reestablish yourself in a new environment.  
   If I remember correctly the dandelion is the "official" symbol for military children.
PS I don't want anyone to think that I think military families are the only families who move frequently.  
Chris =]

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

food chain issues

   If you didn't know I live very close to the lovely Pacific Ocean.  I love going to the beach but don't like going out in the water past my knees. It goes back to when I was a little girl and my family was vacationing in the Gulf of Mexico. At that time I had no fear about going in the ocean - it was great fun.
   Until...(insert ominous music here) One afternoon my sister and I were splashing around while my Dad stood at the edge watching us. I hear a woman scream and the next thing I know my Dad comes tearing through the water scoops me up under one arm, runs over to my sister scoops her up under the other arm and  moving faster than a man should who's hip deep in the ocean carrying two 60lbs girls makes tracks back to the beach. The woman had yelled SHARK! Once back on the beach my Dad realizes it's a pod of dolphins!
   Keeping that, and the movie Jaws at a impressionable young age in mind we fast forward a "few" years to now when this photo and article appeared today on my FB then on Yahoo.

And my friends wonder why I have Food Chain Issues!

PS -The interesting (but sad) part is the two surfers who have been attacked in the past two years happened almost on the same day and in roughly the same area. I need to ask Ms. L if the Great White's are following a migratory food source.

Chris =]

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ironing, No Thank You

     My immediate family knows this about me so this is no surprise to them,

(not my creation)

   I hate ironing, no I DESPISE ironing. I usually make sure the clothes I buy don't wrinkle. I told
 Mr. L before we moved in together that if he expected me to iron his uniforms like my Mom did for my Dad he needed to find himself another girl. I can count on one hand how many times I've gotten out the iron and ironing board this year (lets remember that it's October). 
   Needless to say when I walked into the living room with an arm full of clothes pulled out the ironing board and iron he was shocked, surprised, flabbergasted and a little concerned.  He checked to see if I had a fever, he checked to see if I had been body snatched, he was going to call my Mom to let her know, he ran through a safety check list before letting me turn on the iron.  He couldn't believe I was willingly going to iron.  Okay- willingly is going a little too far let's just say I needed to iron. So I put on my big girl panties and did it.  Yeah for Me!
Man, I'm glad that's done!!

Chris =]

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

In my craft room

  Miss L. been having a hard time with her organic chemistry class so I made her a countdown to Christmas chain which is when her class is over.  Hopefully it reminds her that the end is close and cheer her up.

  New bookmarks made from paint samples tags and a few of my doodles. My favorite part is the decorative snap on the flower bookmark.

  I am so ready for Christmas! I might have made one or two ornaments all ready.
- the hanging paper ornament is a preprinted pattern that I dressed up.
- the silver night is a diorama of snowman and tree cake decorations.
- a snowman sticker is layered atop medallions of scrapbook paper and a book page.
- not that you can tell but the angel, cat and flowers are layered to look 3 dimensional.
- a friend gave me a huge bag filled with wine corks so of course I had to make a cork reindeer.
- the wooden snowmen I painted and created a little woodsy scene.
- last but not least a sparkly felt scotty dog.

  This is a project in process. I signed up for a ornament swap over at my artistic life. The rule is I have to use one item from her shop, so I'm using the mermaids. My problem is my idea is fast expanding out of the ornament range. So it will be more of a decoration and not so much an ornament.

Say Hi Dudley!
  This started out as a completely different project. I was trying to make a cat but it turned into a fox, so I redesigned it's tail and went with it. While making him I was thinking about my next project which was the topper for our Christmas tree. It was going to be an angel bunny but i wasn't sure it was what I wanted. Then it hit me... Turn this guy into my tree topper!! His wings are feathers glued to cardboard and Mr. L did a great job on Windsor knot for the tie. I'm going to name him Dudley.    

This little gut doesn't have a name yet. He is my first art doll -  okay lets call it what it really is - my first toy from Felt Friends From Japan craft book. I'm going to make the deer next.


I hope you enjoyed a look into my craft room.
Chris =]

Friday, October 12, 2012

Great Time (last weekend)


I know two post in one night but I've been meaning to share about last weekend. Miss L came home for a visit!! We haven't seen her since August, Mr L and I  needed a Mommy and Daddy fix. Needless to say it was a fun time. 
This is my late birthday present that Miss L made for me. Isn't it great?  For those who don't know the image is of a Dalek from the best TV show ever - Dr. Who . On the inside of the mug it says keep calm and exterminate. (Sorry, Dr Who joke)

While she was home:
We tried a new cookie recipe and she cooked dinner,
Played tourist in Solvang - which I call the Tchotchke Capital of the World,
Blew up ghost peeps in the microwave,
On Sunday Mr. and Miss L had some Daddy/Daughter time - they went Skydiving! Someone had to stay on the ground and make sure nothing happened to the car so I made the sacrifice and stayed behind.
The blue under the cloud line is the ocean. Yes, we live that close.



I don't think they had any fun!!
Chris =]

Binder pages

I forgot to explain the pages in the binder from Wednesday's post. So here we go,

1. Using a page from the book, center it along the binder ring and mark where it over hangs. The page needs to fit inside the tabs at either end. With a paper trimmer cut away the excess.

2. Align the three hole punch along the binder and using a screw driver adjust the silver knobs to match the ring clips.

3.Center the page in the hole punch - I just eyeballed it, punch holes in the book page, place in binder and close it, gently tugging the page tight against the clip. Mark the excess page sticking out of the book and with a paper trimmer cut away the excess. Again making sure the page fits inside the cover.

4. Now you have a template to cut the rest of the paper for your new and unique binder.

Since I was using different types of recycled paper not all of the pages are the same width or length. It's part of the uniqueness of the project.

If you have any questions let me know.
Chris =]

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It Worked!!

I love it when I have an idea and it actually works. On etsy I've been looking at journals made from old books and really liked them. There were only two problems 1. the price and 2. the design. I wanted the choice of adding more paper when needed.
After a little experimenting I came up with my version. It required a trip to the thrift shop (Oh Darn!) for an old binder and a book I didn't mind tearing apart. I buy books with the intention of using them for a project but when it comes time to tear it apart I can't do it, especially if I read it first.
The only part of the binder I wanted was the ring/clip part. It's amazing how much a new binder clip cost! I was able to find inexpensive cookbooks, photo albums and plain binders for the clip.
- For the book cut the pages from the front and back cover. ** Be careful not to cut a hole in the book spine.
- I used an exacto knife and cut the clip and spine away from the rest of the binder. Then trimmed it to fit the inside spine of the book.** Don't remove the spine from the clip it creates the right height for the binder clip to open and close once you glue it into the book.  
- I took two pages from the book and glued them to the front and back cover.
- Hot glue the clip to the inside spine and Ta Da done!
I filled the binder with an assortment of paper: pages from the books, scrapbook paper, envelopes, accounting ledger forms, printer paper, wallpaper samples, graph paper, and Yes that is a junior mint box. The idea was to reuse paper I all ready had. Give it a try, it's  fun!
Chris =]


Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Tree

Now that I have all these Halloween ornaments I've been wondering what to do with them, we don't really decorate for Halloween anymore since we don't get trick or treaters. I don't know why I never thought about decorating a tree before. But...
While looking at this halloween tree over at Kim K's blog  I got a great idea but, sadly it will have to be next halloween since I need to get into the christmas decorations and Mr. L flatly refuses to get any of it down until November. It involves Miss L's old christmas tree and a few cans of spray paint - which is this girls best friend! I'm not sure if I should paint it black or orange...? No WAIT---
Lime Green!! Yes!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Sand Castles

I work with Special Needs Preschoolers and LOVE every minute of it! Even the hard days, I have a job that has a lot of personal and professional satisfaction. I am one of the lucky people.
Most people don’t realize how much of my day is spent teaching our children HOW to play. It’s an amazing feeling to realize that I showed a child something he never knew before. It was so simple too.
 I was sitting in the sand box with him and we were filling a very big bucket with damp sand.  Once it was full I pulled it a short distance away form him and he automatically scooted closer, so I did the same thing again and he did the same thing again. It was then that I realized he didn’t know what I was going to do next.  So I picked him up and moved him back so we had some room then took the bucket and flipped it over. He looks up at me with this confused look on his face. I smile at him, take hold of the bucket and lift it up. He looks at me gets this big grin on his face looks down at the castle, raises his arms looks at me to see if I'm going to stop him and SMOOsh right through it. That was all it took for him to understand the fun of making sand castles then destroying them to start again.

Chris =]

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Name Change and Witch's Hat Swap

After reading my first blog Big L and Little L don't like their nick names. I thought it was pretty clever, He is Big, I am Middle and She is Little. Oh well... So from now on they will be Mr.L and Miss L.
Any way...

I was asked to show the hat I made for my swap partner. I wish I had added some black tulle to the underside of the brim, but I was afraid of going overboard.

The image on the box I found on line and antiqued it to make it look vintage. The label says trix or treats which was perfect since my partner didn't know if the box held candy or something else(wink,wink). 
The flower came about while I was deciding how to dress up the practical but not very Halloween"y" plastic nut container. The best thing I had for covering the lid was candy cane stripped duct tape.
Mr L helped me design the grass, it is tooth picks in flower foam covered with Palsti Dip. I love dipping things in that stuff! The flower is my homage to one of my favorite movies - The Nightmare Before Christmas.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I participated in my first Halloween swap over at viv out on a limb  My partner was Amy and she is a Cali girl too. I was having so much fun that I mailed her box a month early. Amy didn't open her box until she had mailed mine, she showed more restraint than I would. I got my box yesterday and ripped into it like there was no tomorrow. Here is what she made for me
Isn't it fab? Along with being stylish the hat is also soft and fuzzy. And so in the pumpkin, I could snuggle with it. Is that weird? As if that wasn't enough I got all this as well.
The chocolate was melted (it figures, the one time I get chocolate in the mail our temp is 20 degrees above normal). I was going to take a photo of the chocolate mushrooms but when I opened the package it was a big lump. Not that it stopped me from eating it once it spent a little time in the fridge. I mean come on you never waste chocolate!! The package on the left is a Toasty Ghosty smore's kit with ghost peeps!!  I'm hoping to be able to participate in more craft swaps.
Chris =]