Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's all in the presentation

I saw this photo on the Better Homes and Garden page and liked the chevron pattern of the grass. The short description labeled this as Sea Oat Grass (I can't remember the scientific name). I don't ever remember seeing this in the dried floral section at the local craft store and wondered where I could find it.  Imagine my surprise while at work I see this:

It was growing wild in the flower bed in front of the classroom. BHG's call it sea grass but, in the real world we call it a WEED!

         Okay, so now I'm using weeds in my fall decorations. But they ARE pretty weeds.

Chris =]


  1. Yay Chris, you did it! welcome to the blogging world. you'll have fun with this I'm sure.
    love your little weeds, they look great! LOL
    and thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm adding you to my side bar.
    happy day!

  2. those are some GORGEOUS hats! The weed looks a lot like our sea oats in Florida. They are illegal to pick though as they deter erosion.