Saturday, February 28, 2015

F is for February

F is for Friends:
 I made a new friend participating in Viv's valentine swap, I was paired with Jenny at Jenny' Heart.
I don't decorate for Valentines and Jenny was a good sport about trying to do a non valentine, valentine swap, so I wanted to go the extra mile and make her items that I hoped she would really like. I looked through her blog and the perfect idea exposed it's self.  One of her favorite this about February is the snow, it also has a personal meaning for her.


   I started with a vintage book pages paper snowflake garland, a handmade heart snowman ornament using felt and fabric, a tiny snow baby winter snow globe made using a plastic wine flute and Epsom salt snow, crafty bits and pieces, valentine paper, ribbon and stickers and of course chocolate!

  My box from Jenny couldn't of been more me. Of course the chocolate was eaten right away and the box is waiting to be turned into a tiny diorama, the beeswax bear is perfect with my old pooh bear books, the sugar skulls sticker and the love eternal heart will go perfectly with my DoD display and the doily is going to be framed and hung on the wall.

F is for "Family":
 Mr. L had a business trip to Colorado that was in the same town where some dear friends that we haven't  seen in a few years lived. Yes!! off to Colorado we went. The short version - it was 2 days of great weather where we played tourists and 1 1/2 days of snow where we stayed inside, played a card game called frustration and laughed.

 F is for firefighter:

 At school we are doing this phonetic program where each week we work on a different letter. Last week it was the letter F. Our little firecracker who is missing a couple of  her top teeth was trying to make the F sound, she looks at the teacher and says " Me no do it, me have no teef". I love talking to her, she cracks me up!
 The kids glued together firefighters which turned out so cute. I noticed when the firefighters were all lined up drying they looked like they were dancing. It reminded me of an all male review, which I know is so wrong... but a little funny.

Chris =]

Monday, February 2, 2015

not prepared, but it won't stop me

  I hadn't realized how much of  a Cali girl I have become until I started to pack for a trip to Denver to visit our dear friends Susie and Balt.
I have realized I am woefully under prepared:
 - The closest thing to practical winter shoes are a pair of hiking boots and tennis shoes. 
 - I don't own a pair of gloves or a hat or ear muffs or a scarf or leggings/tights.
 - My jeans need washed because they are dusty from sitting on the shelf in my closet. (Gosh, I hope they still fit).
 - My winter coat was last worn in 1993 and still looks brand new because I only wore it for one winter before we moved here. It's retro not out of date!

 I'm pretty sure Susie won't let me freeze and will lend me gloves and a scarf. I'm hoping for a warm front the 4 days I will be there. Either way it's going to be fun,fun,fun!!

Chris =]


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

still on vacation

  Yes, while everyone else got ready to go back to work/school I still have another week off. That's what happens when the school district decides it is losing too much money because families are still in Mexico. I'd rather get off a week earlier at the end of the year, but I'm not consulted.

  So I spent two days putting Christmas away - except for my new vintage reindeer I just got, they will stay out for "winter". We had a couple of nights with freezing temperatures but today was up to 80 degrees. Hot, hot,hot.

Yarnigras! 2015 Craft Along 
  Valerie, over at Yarnigras swapper spot  is hosting a monthly themed craft along, for January we are making any type of blanket we choose. Since I don't own a sewing machine and I have the fabric my blanket is going to be a no-sew-fleece, but instead of tying the tabs I'm going to try weaving them. 

  Ms L. wasn't able to visit until the weekend after Christmas, so on Christmas Day Mr. L and I went down to the beach. The white water was really whipping that day, but any sunny day at the beach is a good day.

Chris =]

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

ornament swap 2014

    I joined Yarnigras annual ornament swap again this year. I have to say that as usual the ladies out did  themselves again! The theme was a tie and ended up Woodland/Traditional Christmas. Of course I forgot to take photos of the ornies I sent, I went the Traditional Christmas theme and made different snowmen.

Thank You Missy for this intricately hand drawn rustic ornie and for the aromatic icicle. I also kept the moss you packaged them in for a future project.

   I scored a double from Val with the adorable toadstool mini wreath (which gives me an idea for a much bigger one) and the cute snowman name tag. Thanks Sweetie!
   Thank You Kerry for the most adorable,sweetest,makesmehappytolookat gnome. I don't know who to Thank for the wreath, but it is great! It's made from loops of green zippers glued onto a mini circle.

  I see a few more gnomes, toadstools and rustic fun in store for next years Christmas tree.

Chris =]

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Hello All,
   I know I haven't been around in a while. I hadn't been much in a mood to write. In October after working with the same Teacher for 14 years, I was out of the blue unceremoniously reassigned to a new classroom.  The good points are:
-  It is still in town. I work for the County, the farthest school site is almost 2hrs away.
- I'm still with preschoolers!! I could have been sent to work with emotionally disturbed high school students. Students who are mostly boys and bigger than me. Eek!
- I know the new Teacher I'm working with now.
So now I'm back on a District school campus and all the fun that entails. =]

  I make it through this week and I will have three weeks off for Winter Break, so I will be getting to my backlog of posts.

Chris =]

Saturday, September 27, 2014

what I made for the zombie swap

   Now that my partner has gotten her package I can show you what I made for the Animated Zombie Swap. Once I saw her list it was a no brainer which movie to choose, Frankenweenie!  I down loaded pictures of Sparky and went to work.
    I found directions for making Sparky on a baking site called sprinklebakes. Instead of gum past I used paper clay and styrofoam balls to build him. Since Sparky is all ready a zombie dog I didn't go overboard on the gore but stuck to the original. His body to head ratio is off, other than that I was pleased with how he turned out.
I didn't take photos of the process because I'm sure the way I built him was not the easiest or correct way to do it.
  Did I ever mention my independent, self sufficient need to not follow directions?

  Sparky didn't make the size requirements so I decided to make another small zombie. This was the perfect opportunity to pull out my Zombie Felites book and have a go at one of the patterns. I chose the bunny because one of my partners favorite colors is pink. Other than enlarging the pattern I followed the instructions exactly. (Yeah Me!! ... The second zombie bunny, not so much). While taking this bunny's photo I used a funny carrot I had made one day with left over paper clay as a prop. After the photo shoot I had a light bulb idea and the sign Eat Your Vegetables was born.

  I've really enjoyed the zombie swap because it pushes me into a crafting area that I don't normally go.

Chris =]

Sunday, September 21, 2014

happy birthday to me, I got a coraline zombie

 This is the third time I have participated in Val's annual zombie swap over at yarnigras swapper spot.  This year the theme was Animated Zombies. We had to list our favorite zombie movies to give our partner an idea of what type of doll we would like. While I like making zombie dolls I don't really watch zombie movies. I thought about it for a while and this was my list; Coraline, the Nightmare Before Christmas, a really, really, really bad B movie that makes me laugh called Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and Little Shop of Horrors, while it's not a zombie movie I thought it still kind of fit the theme. 
 Coincidentally my zombie package arrived the day before my birthday. Yippee! 

 This year I was the lucky recipient of one of Debbie's awesome dolls!!

  Isn't Coraline perfect?! She is polymer clay over a wire armature and being very careful I can play with her. Mr L. smiled and shook his head when he walked by and saw me sitting on the floor posing Coraline for her photo shoot. Her outfit is flawless, right down to the dragonfly hair clip.

   I love anything in miniature and the raincoat is a perfect reproduction. Coraline is enjoying a few day of being center stage before her friends come out to play.

  Debbie sent fun Halloween tuck-ins, eyeball bubble gum, halloween photo album, ghost pez dispenser, handmade card and sweet Hello Kitty socks. The grey socks were too cute to wear so I turned them into halloween stuffies using felt on the back. 

Chris =]