Wednesday, September 17, 2014

365 reasons to be grateful days 215 to 245

 The best part of August? Ms.L's birthday.  Happy Birthday Sweetpea, I Love You Always.

Chris =]

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

back to school

I love new school supplies
     After four weeks of school I think (fingers crossed) it's safe to say that things are going well (knock on wood). This school year 6 of our 8 students are returning which is wonderful because they know the rules, the routine and us. I can't get over how much they have grown in three months, not just in height but in attitude, they are more confident and talkative.

A Funny:
  While sitting at the lunch table with the kids the Teacher was commenting about one of our students who doesn't go by his first name (we didn't realize it). When she said his first name he was munching on Cheetos staring into space, without looking at anyone he says in a monotone voice " He's not here now". The three of us bust out laughing. 

It's going to be a fun year, I can't wait.

Chris =]

Sunday, August 31, 2014

365 reasons to be grateful - days 184 to 214

I'm all caught up! At least until tomorrow. :)
I didn't take the picture of the sloth and I can't explain why I added it because it's one of those family jokes that is only funny to the three of us. Trust me, we giggle every time we look at it.

Chris =]

365 reasons to be grateful - days 153 to 183

I know I haven't done a great job on posting my photos, but I am keeping up on taking them. Anyway here is June, it feels like such a long time ago.

  I know there are a lot of pictures of frogs. "We" had a lot of fun at school watching the tadpoles grow into frogs.

Chris =]

Friday, August 29, 2014

not so cute any more

Everything started out so normally... I think I might have confused the baby gift with the zombie swap.

Chris =]

Thursday, August 14, 2014

goodbye summer

Goodbye Summer,
 While I have enjoyed each and every day I must leave you tomorrow for I return to work and the children. Even though we knew this day was coming parting is such sweet sorrow, but I will see you again the same time next year.

Until then I remain yours forever...

not my photo
Chris =]

Thursday, July 31, 2014

christmas in a box

  During Ms.L's second year of college she moved into an apartment. I didn't want her to miss feeling the happiness of the holiday by not having any Christmas decorations. In all honesty I was probably missing it for her more than she was. I tend to go a "little" overboard with my Christmas decorating. She had a super tiny place and I knew she wouldn't want the extra clutter. I came up with Christmas in a Box.

  This was version #1, it was a cardboard box I decorated. Recently Ms. Destructo asked me to remake it because it was falling apart. I realize it was just a cardboard box but the poor thing looked like it had been knocked around the block a few times (I still love you sweet pea - swak).
I thought I would show you how I made version #2.
- decorative storage box w/lock clasp
- can of primer spray paint, I like Kilz
- can of spray paint, your choice of color
- carpet remnant
- 8x10 photo of Christmas decorations w/ frame cut to size. I wanted it to feel like home so I used a photo of our Christmas decorated fireplace.
- 12x12 Christmas paper cut to size
- desktop Christmas Tree. Mine is about 12" tall
- miniature ornaments
- Christmas tchotchkes and mini garland.   

I didn't take photos of the first couple of steps.

1. Since the box is going to stand up on one of the short sides Remove the handle and fill in the holes with a little spackle.

2. Spray paint the inside and outside of box with primer, let dry. Then spray paint both again with color of your choice, let dry. I didn't worry too much about painting the areas where the pictures were going.

3. (picture #1)  I needed a frame around the photo to fill in the "wall" of the lid. Measure the height and width and cut a scrap piece of paper to make sure it fit. Using the scrap paper as a pattern cut the black (or whatever color you choose) 12x12 paper to size. 
   I don't really "do math" so this next part I just eyeballed. Lay the photo on the back side of the black paper making adjustments to the placement until it looks even. Mark where all four corners are  (the white lines). Using my big fiskars paper cutter I cut out the center piece. Tape the picture to the back of the frame ** Remember to make the opening at least 1/3" smaller so the picture doesn't just fall through.**
  Using double stick tape, tape to the inside of the lid.

4. (picture #2) The scrap paper pattern also fit the "wall" of the box - Yeah me!! -.  My Christmas paper wasn't so much scrapbook paper as it was wrapping paper that need extra support. Cut another piece of 12x12 paper to the size of the pattern. Cut the Christmas paper a little bigger to allow for a pretty edge. Glue the Christmas paper to the support background. Flip it over and scotch tape the extra to the back.
  Using double stick tape, tape to the inside of the back wall.
Or... skip all that and just cut a piece of 12x12 Christmas scrapbook paper to fit and double stick tape it to the back wall.

5. Now it's time for the decorating! You can't tell but I painted the celling with a popcorn texture, not that it's necessary, I just happen to have a can of it in the garage and thought it was fun to add it to the diorama. The carpet remnant was in the original, and luckily it fit into the new box.
  The garland, angel and mini bows were attached with hot glue.

6. The miniature ornaments I picked up at the local craft store and the beaded garland I made using fishing line and tiny diamond shaped beads.
  The presents are assorted sized pieces of floral foam wrapped in christmas paper. The cat is a LPS toy that I painted to look like our cat Blackjack using enamel paints and the monster in the santa hat is a small picture of our 2010 tree topper. Every year I change the Christmas tree topper and most times it's not traditional.

7. The decorations fit nicely in a wooden tea box and then it and the tree fit snugly into the diorama box and can be stored until Christmas time.
  Scrapbook a cute tag to attach to the front of the box and all done.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Chris =]